CETME Ameli VS FN Minimi

Which one would you choose?

  • CETME Ameli

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  • FN Minimi

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Theyre both 5.56 and are both lightweight versions of thier predecessors

CETME Ameli: 5.56 version of the MG3

FN Minimi: 5.56 version of the FN MAG

Which one would you prefer?
Mr Happy said:
Are you a cadet or a walt Trambuan?
Nope, I was in the TA for only 3/4ish months, I quit becouse im thinking about joining the RAF Regt.

The Ameli would be a better gun if it had a mag feed, I think its just the mag feed on the Minimi and the picatinny rails that makes it more popular.

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