Discussion in 'Sappers' started by happy-sapper, Mar 27, 2007.

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  1. Hi, anyone able to point me in the direction of open-source info on the CET and it's TERRIER replacement. Just been lemoned with a mini-project!

  2. What sort of info are you after?
  3. What info are you after? I have a mate on the trials team for Terrier.
  4. When is the Terrier actually taking over from the mighty frog? I think on that sad day many will light a candle for the old girl.
  5. I seen the new CET last week. Alot bigger. They needed an RMP police escort to hold up the traffic. Although I think they need that anyway, even it was smaller.

    Don't have any info on it, just seen it in the passing.
  6. bigger means there will be more pie storage, i suppose.
  7. Storage for anything would be nice, MMMMmmmmmmm pies, like your way of thinking!
  8. the place to go for info on old and new is the RE Wing Bovington any info you need can be found there on old and new
  9. and lockable porn cupboard? :)