CET Anchor - Anyone seen it work?

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Gundulph, Nov 5, 2010.

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  1. Never having served with Armoured myself, I was wondering if anyone has any experience of the Rocket assisted Earth Anchor actually working successfully in self recovering said CET? I remember as a young Sapper while on Exercise in Otterburn, waiting in a Bedford with a Barmine Layer hooked up, our sections turn to head off and lay our mine rows after the section before us had laid theirs, we were woken up hours later by a very sorry looking Section Commander, his bedford had sunk in the field with the mud halfway up the windscreen of the cab! a CET was called to the rescue, hooked up to the Bedford and ended up bogging itself in big time and had to fire its' anchor which didn't do anything, another CET came in to attempt to 'recover' that CET and it also ended up bogged in, again firing its' anchor and failing once again! I am not sure to this day how they eventually recovered everything but they no doubt had to wait a few days/weeks until the field dried out :) maybe someone on ARRSE was involved and can enlighten us?
  2. Yes, at Bovington. subject to SOPAT.

    CET went across the lake, reached the shore and fired the anchor in order to climb out the water and over a steep slope.

    It worked.
  3. No but once I was driving a 432 on Ex in BAOR when I arrived at a large water filled ditch, it looked dodgy but both me and my mate thought we could get through it. We were very wrong and ended up as a dam, we had also fucked up by leaving the drain plugs out. Initially the water level rose slowly but kept coming until it was a foot above the floor plate. Cue the arrival of 6 Chieften tanks, they're boss offered to drag us out, eventually it took three of them all chained together but we were free. To this day I should thing a piece of APC sized earth is not where it should be.

    Happy days
  4. I never saw it for real , but i remember on my Tiffy course at Borden they showed us a film on Aluminium Armour and a CET doing its thing with the earth anchor (made of Ali) it was very impressive, I would have liked to have seen the real thing
  5. yup seen it a few times, a couple times at hameln on crossing the Weser
  6. Hameln, as above. Very spectacular show. Preferred the live Giant Viper firing in Poland mind.

    I went down with a load of lads from 32 incidentaly, G_O_D_is_Armoured.
  7. 23 Amph regularly
  8. Yeah, I fired it on my CET course.
  9. A mate of mine saw up close and personal during the RAC Open Day at Bovington in about 87/88. He was sat in some dead ground in the turret of his panzer waiting for his part in the mock battle, when he heard a WHOOOOOOSSSH (or words to that effect) and then something hit the top of his cupola! When he looked up he noticed it was a metal cable and then decided to stand up but had to move the cable out of the way to do so then it went a bit tight and tighter!!! You'll be pleased to know it all ended happy and there were no tears, it was a good job he was a skinny fcuker and managed to climb up out of the cupola before the CET on the other end of the cable really took up the strain.
  10. Seen it used it loads of times and not just for recovering itself up a river bank.(we had two in each Troop at one point AirMobile FFS ?)

    On a Reserve Bridge Dem in the FatherLand we used one of ours to launch the anchor and SWR across a canal (no water Traffic) off the side of the Mittland Kanal.
    Frog Launched across, took in until the SWR went tight as the anchor held fast then eased off, when the Bridge Dem was blown (is it still form 4012 D) the rope was winched in tight and the Infantry (2 LI) Far Bank Demolition Guard pulled themselves back across on the SWR. When the last man got across, the SWR was cut using that cabby wee rope cutter on the front side of the Frog.
  11. Kevin Bradley MBE MM* QGM
  12. i feel we really could remove the word ANCHOR from the thread title, during my first tour of hameln i don't think many of 37's Frogs made it out of the camp let alone get to Soltau unless low loaded all the way down there.
  13. We had a corner of the shiny new workshops at Ripon dedicated to storing C.E.Ts ,I think they pushed them in ,left them there then dragged them out again to sweep the spillsorb from under them before pushing them back in again!
    Incidentally and slightly off topic I seem to remember myd dad telling me that he was part of the trials team for the frog so it's partly down to him!
  14. I remember being told of an incident down in Hameln (can't remember the specifics) when a CET went wading as part of some big military display, and that it launched its anchor to pull itself out... The anchor however was not attached correctly and was found in a nearby field sometime later!
  15. Queens parade, if my memory is clear was 94, i was in one of the AVRE on the far side