Cessation of Para Training until 2011

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by keithy397, Dec 24, 2006.

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  1. Hi guys,

    I suppose most Airborne bods (past & present) are already aware of the Governments intentions to cease Para Training until 2011. That's the thanks you get from politicos with more faces than town hall clocks. 3 Para kick arse in Helmland, losing good men for the cause and come back to this crap. Smacks of how they crapped on the Black Watch too.

    Anyway, the point of this thread is to make you aware of a petition (created by an ex Para Regt lad called David Smart) to the PM to stop this madness.

    Follow the link below and sign up to it should you feel as disgusted as me.

    This Link will take you to a write up in the Telegraph.

    And This Link will take you to the petition.
  2. Understand your bitterness, but it is only one aspect of Para training being cut, and to be fair an aspect that hasn't been used operationally since the Suez.

    The Yanks airdroped in during Telic, but no Brits have parachuted for decades. It is a logical cut when you think about it. Would you rather keep the parachute training but lose a couple of armoured vehicles for use in Afganistan/Iraq?

    It's all cheques and balances now.
  3. I'd personally rather lose the RAF and have Virgin despatching the blokes.
  4. hmmmm 2011? What's the betting that the training will never come back? In 4 years time the money will have been re-allocated and some thinktank will say that if we haven't needed for 4 years, we will never need it. End of Para's I think.
  5. Infiltrator wrote
    They are way ahead. See my point about the last op jump by anything significant in the '50s. It is probably already cut.

    If we really needed to drop a few sticks though, how hard would be to bring a regiment on line? The French took to dropping untrained volunteers during Dien Bien Phu (I think).
  6. I don't mean to annoy anyone, but here is an idea. A while ago there was an idea floating around ARRSE that the govt was going to allocate a Rifle Battalion to 3 Cdo Brigade.

    Instead, why not allocate one (or both) of the Para Regimmnts? As they have passed P-Company they will not have to do the AACC, just training on Viking, amphibiousity etc. You don't have to be P-Company trained to be part of 16AAB, so any Rifle Battalion could do it.

    I am not trying to wind anyone up, and I think the way the govt is doing this stinks. If they have a plan to abolish parachuting then they should be honest about it (yer, right!). But I think this might be a good idea as a way of keeping the Paras "special", and they could even be allowed to keep their berets as a way of differentiatling between RM Cdos and Army Cdos.
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    Right!That's you off the Crimbo list!! :p

    What'd ya rather have?
    A nice WRAF serving you a horror bag or a puff with a drinks trolley?? :twisted:
  8. 17 pages on this topic already.


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  9. A nice WRAF?

    If you mean 17 stone, moustache wearing 'female', squeezed into a grow bag then I'm going gay every time.
  12. Ok, I signed the petition and as every right thinking person would do forwarded it to some mates for their signatures.
    Then the first reply came back:
    "The petition was only running up until the 22nd of December"
    I checked the page and it certainly looks like that.
    Can someone explain why?
    Seems a pretty short time to collect signatures unless you think the government/press would be stirred up by 79 names?

  13. Thanks.

    I feel like a complete tool now.
    But not as much as someone's going too!

  14. Nothing surprises me HMG in peacetime cut and thrust as the do hence we had Dunkirk. Para training is a must as is all other training. You lose it you rue it. BUT the politicos wont pay the price just Tommy Atkins