Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by pcljc, Apr 25, 2008.

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  1. I have just extracted the text below from my unit Part 1 orders. It seems the crux of it that as a Pad, I will now pay for any meals taken whilst away on courses/duty, with no recompense other than IE or LSA if you qualify. Can anyone confirm this??

    I am not trying to be a tight pikey, but thought that by being sent on a course/duty this was picked up and met by a purse other than mine, beacuse the Army wants me to do it for the good and benefit of the Army. Before a barrage of single personnel hit the reply key claiming "about time" equality etc. The single living in personnel have always paid for food whilst living in, but could and can continue to claim back this money when on leave/course/duty elsewhere etc. it now seems that us pads have been brought into line.


    The entitlement to free meals at public expense for service personnel who do not normally pay a food charge and are visiting other service establishments either for meetings/course/temporary assignment has been removed.

    Personnel going on courses/temporary assignment will be charged the daily food charge (currently £3.89) for the duration of their temporary duty whilst taking meals in service Non-Pay as You Dine (PAYD) units.

    Service personnel on day visits to other service establishments will have to pay for the meals taken at PAYD units or the Entitled Casual Meal Charge at Non-PAYD units (current rates are below). This charge has been reduced to the same amount as the single food charge.

    Those personnel who pay food charges through their salary are entitled to claim back the core meal element costs for the meals taken via JPA Expenses. Personnel who do not pay a food charge through their salary are not entitled to claim back the costs of the PAYD meals taken.

    Exemptions for the food charge are when Field Conditions have been granted, on Approved Adventure Training or on admission to hospital
  2. pcljc,

    This ruling came in as at 1 Jul last year and the topic has been done to death!!

    Try using the search facility.

  3. Sorry if this has been thrashed to death last July. If this was brought in last July, this is the first I have seen of it on Part 1 orders.

    I have never received a bill for any courses or messes stayed in since this date. Perhaps its one of those rules that is not enforced (that will be a first). Ho hum!!!
  4. If you want to moan about food charges, then complain about no more Married Unnacompanied Food Charges for pads from 01 Apr 08.

    More erosion of the Terms and Conditions of Service sneaking under the radar !!
  5. You can now book out for weekeds on JPA (when it works!) which results in a refund of food charges for that period. For those on the on the over 37 package, this works out the same as before - approx 80% of the normal food charge.