Cessation of entitlement to military accom- F1/F2 doctors

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by medic-matt, Oct 21, 2009.

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  1. Below is an extract from the HQ AMD support unit newsletter dated 16 Oct 09. I'm not too impressed with this !

    This is specifically for F1 and F2.
    There is a discussion that is growing legs fast regarding accommodation entitlements for F1 and F2. Please be warned that, under Joint Service Publication 752 (JSP 752) you are technically not entitled to military accommodation at this stage in your development, as you have not yet undergone Phase 1 training (the PQO course at Sandhurst). In the past, where we could, we have assisted with a generous approach in trying to support you, although this has not always been coherent. I regret that, under increasing financial scrutiny, we have to return to the formal baseline of entitlement.
    This means an end to SSSA and FIA, to the entitlement to married quarters, and to a right to live in military messes on entitled rates. This is a warning order, but please be aware that you may have to move, or the cost of living in military messes may increase.
    The cost of moving will fall to you, as will the task of finding alternative accommodation. This may well occur prior to Christmas. Dates will be promulgated as soon as we have them."
  2. and...?

    If the JSP says so then guess what...

    I have a lock up not far from the back gate in college town, with a fan heater I reckon I could squeeze 4 of you in for a paultry sum of £500 a month...

    bring your own bucket to pee in though :)
  4. Fucking bastards. Its not like we've made a long committment to the forces, is it? (longer, I might add than other officers on their 'short service commissions')

    I thought that I would escape the hospital accomodation fiasco that stripped F1s and F2s of their accom (in effect, a 25% pay cut).

    Mountain_boy - if someone turned around tomorrow and told you that you would effectively be given a 25% pay cut, I assume you'd be a tad unhappy about it?
  5. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Welcome to the military covenant under Brown and his cronies.
  6. Other officers do not receive the same cadetships as medical students, hence their 'return of service' is shorter.

    Are we to go on breaking the rules?
  7. It's been a perk for you, this has now been withdrawn for financial reasons....

    Be glad you had it and grow up.
  8. We havent had it yet thats the point and we wont be able to have it.
    Grow up? Come on I'm only pointing out that its not fair some to have had this privilege and some aren't allowed it. It may well be for financial reasons but that doesn't make it fair for those that are at a disadvantage because of it.
  9. some folks get 5 and 8 year bonus money and some dont . i didnt . so get over it . just cos some had it before doesnt mean you should have it now. if you dont like it hand your bedding in.
  10. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Yep we're so over run with Doctors why no p1ss off a few more of them.

    Good thing nobody in the services need medical attention...
  11. It could also have been seen as unfair to those other students who were on military bursaries etc who didn't get this perk because they weren't medical.

    Do Vets, Vicars, Architects or Dentists get this over extended to them?

    Like I said, it was a perk. It was NEVER allowed in the JSPs but allowed to go on, but now has been tied down.

    It is sh1t, (and I actually don't understand why it isn't altered to allow such pot-PPOs of all walks to take advantage of the cheap accomodation) but it's a big sandwich and you aren't the only ones taking a bite.

    Student digs are normally dirt cheap anyway aren't they?
  12. All my questions answered by grace of Google.This would appear to be a hearty kick in the nuts for those whose medical career is going to be blighted by their military service anyway (never mind it being a perk!)
  13. Karabiner is sounding more and more like someone about to leave............. :)
  14. My sympathies are with you but as has been pointed out, it was a perk not an entitlement.
  15. I presume you will be able to use the cheap hospital accomodation that your civilian counterparts use.

    I guess that the current ecconomic situation hits all types of folk in many different ways and you are certainly not the only ones in the army that are seeing a reduction in some of the nicer parts of service life. Just like everyone else you will just have to get on and do your best and be thankful that you have a job and a very good education.