certified dyslexic honest.....

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by Dodgy_Dodge, Jan 29, 2010.

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  1. guys and girls

    Quick question I have tried the searches and can't find an answer.

    As a spelling spaz i have a report which qualifies me for extra time in exams etc.

    Due to me being aware of my "disadvantage" i double check spelling and grammer but does take me abit longer.

    Asumming that this isn't an issue at briefing and main board but will i need to take a copy of my report for their records, or does it really not matter?

    rearranged breifing on 10th of April....can't wait!

    cheers in advance
  2. Look, I'm going to be a bit harsh here, and I'll probably be flamed for it later on but if that's the case then it's fine.

    If this is indicative of your work when you have all the time in the world to check before hitting the post button, then how do you expect to work under pressure?

    Why do you think that you can be an Officer in the forces if you can't spell and it takes you longer to do something that others have to do in a shorter time?

    With respect, and we all know that that phrase means with no respect whatsoever, find a job that doesn't mean that you have to do lots of writing! The world will always need plumbers etc!

    As an Officer it is your report writing that will govern the careers of your soldiers. You will be expected to write PXR's, PDR's and lots and lots of other reports etc. When you are overburdened with stuff on your desk because you can't keep up then others will have to start to step in! Is it right that you could put careers at risk because your written work isn't up to it?

    Finally, before you come up with the "It's not my fault, I deserve the same chances as anyone else, I just need a little help" argument, I am CP4 and therefore the majority of jobs that I wanted to do (all aircrew, for which I am qualified and capable) are denied to me, although I can see red and green as well as you can on a day to day basis, I just can't see the bloody Isihara dots books, I have just chosen another career that doesn't need those skills and got on with it. May I suggest that you do the same. Live with your limitations!

    Sorry, it's a harsh world out there!
  3. Feck, what am I saying? What with all the other mongs that seem to have been commissioned recently...Welcome Sir!
  4. Infiltrator, I am a chartered building surveyor who reports on millions of pounds worth of property and construction on daily basis under a significant amount of pressure and can manage my time very well.

    Maybe I should have taken the time to copy this into word and undertake a spell check but I couldn't be arsed as I didn’t think anyone would be so **** and knobby.

    Well done you spotted a couple of mistakes in a thread where I state I cannot spell, not even expecting extra help just whether or not I will need to take the report to the briefing.

    I would not be so presumptuous to comment on your career with out knowing you.

    Many thanks for your pointless response.

    My thanks to anyone else who can help.
  5. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    Pot, kettle, blah, blah.
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    Sorry, but someone was bound to do it eventually :)

    I agree with Infiltrator by the way, time isn't money in the Army, it's the other very real cliche. Something to maybe chew on.
  7. I would ditch the report and not mention it. The test are to check your ability. Dyslexic or not you need to meet certain requirements. but you will probably find the minimium requirement are far below your expectations.

    Maybe some else can comment on how you are assessed. When I did officer and aircrew selection for the RAF. There where multi-guess tests english comprehension etc. I was rejected due to having the "disadvantage" of no high frequency hearing.

    Try to enjoy the experience and put maximium effort in for the duration and hopefully you'll make the grade
  8. DD, your points are noted. It just leads to one further question though....

    If you can manage under all this pressure in your current job etc, why would you feel the need to seek extra time for your exams? Either your coping strategies work well, in which case there is no need to bring attention to your disorder, or they don't in which case my first reply stands. What is it you are seeking from the board exactly?

    I'm not trying to get into a slanging match here, and as I said at the start, I fully expected to get flamed for not being the politically correct boy who just keeps quiet and then has to run around and sort out other problems.

    Please don't misunderstand me, I don't know you, I don't particularly want or need to know you, but I ask again, if you admit that you cannot spell, and you can't do too much about it, why do you feel that you should be able to write reports on people? How would you feel if your career was held back because someones writing wasn't up to scratch?

    ****? Knobby? Yes, probably, but perhaps it's from years of having to pick up all the sh1te from others that have been put into positions that they should never have been put into!
  9. Fair cop, I accept your point of view and hope that it is never the case should I commission. Fairly sure my writing skills are fairly well developed though as I have been working for over 2 years.

    I won't bother with the report then, to be fair not sure where it is and I’m not that bad, my current employer doesn't know. Just worried that the army has a habit of knowing more about you then you realise when it comes to medicals etc.

    I do sympathise with your comment of mopping up after people, had a bad week hence the terse reply earlier.

    Cheers for the input.
  10. No issues.

    Frankly, If you are up to the job, then welcome in, seriously.

    One thing to note though.

    O Groups (you'll find out about those as you go along) can move on at a fairly serious pace. They don't stop for people to catch up. You'll be expected to give your input at the right time and to make notes on all the other input as well as your CO's (maybe even your GOC's) intentions and instructions. Much of this will be time critical. You won't have the luxury of time to be able to go back and sit down and go through your notes to ensure that you have everything copied down "just so". You'll then need to brief your guys for the stuff that they need to do and know about. This could include grid refs, frequencies, timings, enemy numbers, known positions, in fact you name it, you'll need to brief it, you get any of those figures wrong and you are well and truly in it!

    I'll be the first to admit it, it's seriously hard work for the first few that you do, you don't need anything else to hinder you whilst you are doing it. I know, I've been there, and worn the "struggling" tee shirt with shame. If you can do that in a freezing cold tent, that's half dark with a wet notebook, when you haven't slept for so long you can't remember and not worry about dyslexia then you'll be fine. If however, you don't think that you can, all I'm saying is, perhaps you should rethink, that's all. Remember, you will be a leader of a team, and the team can only work with the information that it is given. If you get it wrong (and it happens to the best sometimes, remember the nature of the job is its own handicap, without others being thrown in on top) then that's where things start hitting fans.

    Didn't mean to come across as a git. You just need to know what it is you are getting yourself into. So many use the term "dyslexic" as a get out clause. If that's not your plan, crack on and see what you can do.
  11. I'm dyslexic, too. Indeed I qualify for to greatest amount of support on account of the great severity of my dyslexia, which means extra exam time, exams done on computer rather than by hand, laptop, dictaphone, 1:1 support tutor, special software, and optional deadline extensions.

    My syntax is sometimes a bit unorthodox, but from very early on I had spelling and grammar almost literally beaten into me because it was made very clear at school and at home that though I might struggle to get the words onto paper there was no excuse not to manage it even if it takes me longer than most people to get there.

    At school, in HE, in the civilian world, allowances will be made, and disability quotas filled, but the army can't afford to. I didn't get and I didn't expect extra time on the RCB Briefing written assessment, and though there was a special writing test for those of us who had Dyslexia paperwork from educational psychologists, the supervising officer made it very bloody clear that if we didn't meet the standard we'd be binned, not given a hug and a free laptop.

    Practice harder, focus more carefully, and be sure that you're hitting it with everything you've got. The education system makes dyslexics needlessly soft, so one sometimes has to consciously re-assert one's ability to overcome.

    Think correct spelling is optional? Gordon Brown found out the hard way that it's not.
  12. Sounds like someone's on rag, been passed over, didn't get his career choice and is commanded by people he thinks are dicks and knows fcuk all about dyslexia (there is a broad spectrum of dyslexia don't you know from being unable to read and write to just being bad spellers and dyslexics get 15 mins e at uni for exams, whether they need it or not plus several grand of PC stuff)! Since when has been able to correctly spell the words in one's vocabulary been of importance when expressing oneself in written form when most people's handwriting is crap and semi legible at the best of times!

    You've stated your opinion, you've frag his ass, you can't answer his question with authority, so jog on, there's a good boy.

    But to the original poster, I wouldn't worry about it. If you can get to be a qualified quantity servayor, you've got the brains for it. If you are asked, declare it, because to do otherwise would be lying. Best to ask for a heads up from people in the know, not the *********, of which I am normally one, on here.

    Good luck!

    Typos down to being dyslexic despite having a 2:1 and speaking 4 languages, all of them which I am dyslexic in!
  13. You been watching too many Guy Ritchie films?

    I'm not going to go into what I know or don't know about dyslexia. If you don't think that spelling is important in your written work then I pity the people that you work with. It is important and it makes a difference to peoples lives. A poorly written SJAR is a killer, you may have meant something entirely different to how it reads to someone on a promotion board.

    OK, I didn't get aircrew, but I knew about my colour problems for a long time before I joined, therefore I made informed choices on what my limitations were and are. I didn't ask for any allowances to be made for me by the service. I suppose I could have asked for blue and yellow bulbs instead. How much should the service bend to fit in with the needs of an individual just to be politically correct?

    In this life we are each dealt a hand, we need to play it as it comes and not whine until someone finds another card and gives it to us at someone elses disadvantage.

    If you are dyslexic and you have coped then well done, just don't tell me about it. You can either do the job or you can't. If you feel the need to tell me that you are dyslexic then you obviously can't do it.

    Pretty happy with my choices now. As to your other point, yes, I've worked for some dicks, but then who hasn't? I've worked with more really good blokes though, I wonder which I'd rather have working with me in the future?

    I fully admit that I can be a dick, but I'll stand up for myself when I'm right though.
  14. Fair do's, I've seen your later post after I replied to the above and you've cut the bloke some slack which is generous.

    Invictous seems to have the DS answer to this that at "RCB Briefing written assessment, and though there was a special writing test for those of us who had Dyslexia paperwork from educational psychologists, the supervising officer made it very bloody clear that if we didn't meet the standard we'd be binned, not given a hug and a free laptop."

    So it would appear there's a filtering system and a benchmark that can be made if up to the mark and safeguards to people's lives and careers from dyslexics and I don't mean that flipently!

    As for 'jog on', well, I got fed up with 'fcuk off' and somehow it's slightly more ofensive than swearing because it's not swearing! :D