Certificate of service

Quick one chaps...

What do you get in the new service leavers pack apart from all the leafelets etc...

Are you supposed to have a write up???

All I received (reg service) was a sheet with dates and service and a sheet with personal info

no trade records

no write up (MR XXXXX was a mad and faithful servant to the naafi...)...

Whats the score these days?
same as me, you should have received before your last day of service, a certificate of service, a certificate of discharge and a testimonial (you are great type thing), Id been out a month and got nothing so rang JPAC and the 2 certs arrived 2 weeks later, still no testimonial, I have been ringing since 13 Dec last year, they always say some one will call you within 48 hours but no bugger ever does.
Mine has been 'escalated' 5 times by JPAC but still nothing.
JPAC blamed my unit for not sending it to them, I was there when it was sent, they have even sent it again and copied me in on it, I received it but JPAC say they havent.
I will PM you with phone numbers in the morning if you like, see if you have any better luck than me.
Yes please.... I have escalated it myself.... to the legal-line of the RBL.... Im fed up with them, so..... legal action!

I'd appreciate the numbers :)
Ok, Filbert is right, as I have pointed out to him in other posts, in the JPA era the "testimonial" your write up, is now to be issued to you before you leave, an electronic copy is to be sent to JPAC (although I have been told today that they no longer want this, however, until I see it written down I will continue to send them).

JPAC Termination will release your Red Book after you are terminated, so to speak, less the testimonial, which, remember, you already have.

This ensures that you have your "Reference" when seeking civilian employment, trouble is that not all units are doing this, thus, disadvantaging you lot in Civ Div, there is a JPA Termination Checksheet on the system (JPA) that must be completed prior to discharge (by unit HR) containg a field for testimonials (issued to service leaver yes or no) which will be picked up on HR docs inspections.

Don't help you lot stuck in the transition I know, however, it will get better.

The only thing that I can suggest is that you raise a "complaint" with JPAC via your last unit and take it from there.
I spoke to JPAC last week after the e-mail with my testimonial arrived from my last unit and their answer to that was 'cant I print it off and use that as my reference'.
Then I pointed out that all it would look like was an A4 piece of paper with some typing on, no signatures, official stamps, not on posh embossed paper etc and it would look like Id knocked it out myself and I was sick of doing all the running around ('can you ring your old unit and ask....' & 'can you ring JPAC and ask......') I gave JPAC my old units chief clerks number and my old unit CC the JPAC number.
Absouloutly, had the unit got this right in the first place, hindsight is a great thing.

I would suggest that you still raise a complaint through the resolution group though, they are mandated to answer your query within 3 days and so will your old unit.

Good Luck

OK seriously getting tits'd off with this now, rang JPAC again today, just now in fact and was told to sort it out with my old unit! I left the Army mid November, where is the bloody thing? Why am I doing all the running? they havent even bothered their arrse to ring the number that I gave them 2 days ago to try and work out why my old unit are sending but JPAC arent receiving.
What is this resolution group? do you have a contact number or address you could PM me?

I wasnt bitter and twisted when I left the Army, I had an excellent 23 years, but fcuk me if thats not changed now!
Discharged in July received two certificates of service, 2 x veteran badges (following application) NO testimonial, no forwarding of medal clasp (Its qual date is stated on awards cert) and issued out to old unit in Aug 06, lost in system somewhere and no sign of LSGC or refusal despite plea of mitigation submitted a year ago. I have made several phonecalls to old unit 2IC and two to JPAC, 4 emails to previous boss. Now in the process of writing letter of complaint..... hacked off! BUT i was still receiving paystatements (No Pay) for months afterwards, and the AGC clerk was writing my civvy address on them and posting them off to me without putting them in an envelope. All these years being careful about openly advertising about being in the Army all down the pan

Knew it would happen, just hoped to be proved wrong. Once your out they dont give a *
Ive had 4 blank pay statements already, how long do you get those for? every month for the rest of your life?
FF, I will get you the procedure for complaint and I will post it on here, you as the SL (Service Leaver) make the complaint and they are mandated to answer you within 3 working days (the new JPA resolution of complaints group), in addition to this, and I know you are P*ssed at having to do the running and I sympathise, why don't you contact your discharging unit's Bde SPS Branch and tell them that you are making a complaint to SPVA, that should get your last units attention..
great stuff, thanks very much
Changes to JPA Complaints Procedure


With effect from 1 Feb 08, SPVA JPA Service Complaints will be dealt with by the SPVA Complaints Cell in Kentigern House, Glasgow This organisation will subsume responsibilities currently undertaken by the Customer Support Team in Centurion Building

Anyone wishing to make a formal complaint about JPA Service Delivery or the Enquiry Centre's handling of a request, is to submit it in writing to:





JPA Service Delivery Complaints

MP 600

Kentigern House Glasgow

G2 8EX
(MOD Internal)




94561 2605


0141 224 2605
I received 3!

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