Certificate of service


War Hero
My mum served in the WRAC between 1967 - 1969, and wonders if she can get a replacement/reissue of her Certificate of Service. The main reason for this is that its falling to bits, but she has a couple of other issues with it:

1. Her 'Assessment of Military Conduct and Character' was only assessed as 'Very Good', as 'Exemplary' was 'available only to men with a minimum of 6 years service' - as quoted from the certificate :shock:

2. Her 'Cause of Discharge' was listed as 'her services being no longer required'. My mum sought her discharge so she could marry my dad who was a Cpl at the time.

Can anybody tell me if she can get a reissue/replacement with these bits updated to modern standards. If not, can she still get a replacement?

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