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I have to write a testimonial for one of my blokes who is leaving the army. Having never even seen one before I thought I would test the water to see if anyone has a nice REME example knocking about. This is a 'I need this by the end of the week Q' fast ball. All genuine help much appreciated.

It's called a 108 and you should be able to get a blank one from you clerk or RAO. Basically it should read like a citation for a LS+GC, where he joined up what he's done, character etc etc.
Cheers Jockster

I've got the cert template etc it was just the structure of the write up I was after.

Yeah Fecks me off too.
Just some ideas, the meat needs to be put on the bones. Good luck.

Para 1.

Pte Bloggs enlisted in 1985, completing basic & trade training. Served in xyz theatres

Para 2.

Throughout his servicegained xyz experience and qualifications. also did a bit of distance learning etc in preparation for civ div.

Para 3.

As regimental xxxxx he has been responsible for xxx, completing all tasks etc etc to the highest standard. a bit of civ orientation here eg dealing with civilian agencies cultures, exceleent EO knowledge etc. good counsellor, mentor etc.

Para 4.

He is pofessional, intelligent, courtious well respected always supported both military and civilian personnel. A long and rewarding career. A promising future. he leaves due to his contract ending or wishes to advance his career outside the army. I would recommend him without reservation to any future employer.
Remember that the aim is to help someone get a job in the afterlife - put everything in civy-speak. Avoid military jargon, but if you must try to explain it: i.e “as a Class 1 tech/mechanic… he was responsible for … maintenance of x equipments and the supervision of Y junior tradesmen”. “In his role as a junior/senior NCO he placed a crucial/instrumental role in the career development and management of Y other servicemen”; “Operational experience = Capacity to apply his training in the most demanding situations”; “Throughout his service he has demonstrated outstanding interpersonal skills” “Team-member”; “Planning skills”; “Forethought”.. Get the idea? On the other hand, you can not say anything detrimental (unless you really want to be sued). If the guy/gal is a waste of space, then the bland joined-served-left/dates with out any superlatives will speak volumes. Treat it like writing a CR – draft it, revise it and get someone in the know to give you an honest opinion. Good luck –the first is always the most challenging.
Make sure you check his Military Conduct Characer Assessment so see whether it is EXEMPLARY, VERY GOOD, SATSIFACTORY, FAIR or UNSATISFACTORY and ensure that your testimonial does not make any positive statement which is inconsistent with the assessment arrived at by reference to his AF B120.

I do not mean that you should give a crap testimonial since an individual always has some positive aspects to his character but what you should not do is say in respect of a man with an UNSATISFACTORY character that he is 'sober, honest and trustworthy and will be an asset to any future employer'.

The converse is also true. If a man has an EXEMPLARY character, then anything that may have a double-meaning or may be taken in the wrong context by a civil employer may be inconsistent wth the assessment given.

Regards and best wishes
Sgt XXXX has ben employed as avehicle mechanic, in his present regiment he has been responsible for the overseeing and management of vehicle repairs for all locations in this unit numbering four spread over Scotland and Ireland and totalling some 300 vehicles.He is a sound and reliable SNCO,with an excellent theoretical and practical knowledge of his trade. He has no vices

Thaqt was mine for what it's worth.
craftsmanx said:
.... He has no vices....

If I wasn't laughing so much, I would nip over to your account and check all those posts to see if your boss was telling the truth!!

I really must try and use that one in the future..... except I would be lying for all of my lads and most of the lasses!!! :lol:

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