Certificate of Professional Competence (Driver CPC)

Im led to believe that this does not affect armed forces yet. But I have my D entitlement on my license of which I somehow managed to fluke in civdiv. My question being this, As the test wasnt passed in the forces and isnt used for military purposes would it still be classed under the same ruling as my other entitlements or will I have to do CPC for it. Ive tried the COC but nobody seems to have an answer and searches havent yet proved very fruitful, Apologies if this is in the wrong place, not really sure where it should be posted.
Try the Master Driver in your Div/Bde. I've heard that this will not be enforced in the Mil for some time (like Tachographs), but the SMD will have the official answer.
I'm assuming that anyone leaving the Armed Forces after 2012/13 who holds their Cat C/D/C+E will have to complete their Drivers CPC prior to their date of discharge. I can't see DVLA extending any grace period or exemption rights beyond that time.

Just to give you some idea of costs involved in attaining your Drivers CPC:

5 modules of training (8 hrs per module) delivered by an accreditated instructor starts at around £625.

Plus if you are an Agency driver you can add 5 days loss of earnings to the above.

Now repeat the above every 5 years!!!

The Drivers CPC is still a work in progress so Watch out, watch out.

After further research into this, It was confirmed that any entitlements that arnt used for military purposes ie D would be covered under the training for C+E, but as the good gentleman above mentioned, its gonna be costly for anyone leaving the service before CPC is brought in for the military

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