Certificate of good conduct

My wife has been offered a job in a nursery but disclosure Scotland have asked for a certificate of good conduct for the period we were in germany.Does anyone know how to get one? Phoning the German embassy was one suggestion! (but dont speak German). Does anyone know anything that will help me sort this out
If you mean a CRB check, then it's a "polizeiliches Führungszeugnis". If you mean a Certificate of no Impediment, then it's an "Unbedenklichkeitsbescheinigung".

What's it for anyway? If you don't mind me asking.

OK, Grant, then it's the first one you want, a "polizeiliches Führungszeugnis". Get the telephone number of the Domicile Registration Office (Wohnungsmeldeamt) where you last lived in Germany and PM it to me. I'll ring them tomorrow (Friday), get the address of the Federal State Police Authority and write a letter asking for a PRB certificate, which I'll then e-mail to you for you to send. Sound good?

Also the Jurisdiction Process Bransch (JPB) deal with this. The postal address is JPB, BFPO 140

They will send you a form in German with English subtitles. Simply fill in the form and post it. The fee for the certificate from the Germans was 13 euros last year.

The certificate is issued in German, so you may need it translating.

Just check what they will really accept. A friends wife in exactly the same circumstances got a letter from the Unit RAO stating that the Army had no record of conviction for her whilst in Germany and this was accepted.
Surely when you submit your CRB check to the local police they will include a search of Interpol (or Europol)? Does anyone else find it worrying that they don't do that?


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