Certain women, and their pursuit of the perfect arrse.

Why do some women think that having an arrse the size of an articulated lorry is in anyway an attractive look? Ie the 'Kim Kardashian' look. Who exactly would find this attractive, apart from a silver back gorilla! I suppose that it's like tattoos, you either love them or hate them.
Do any of you lot find it attractive, and if so why?


Allegedly its attractive to certain ethnicities, IC3 for one!


I like a proper arse.

By that I mean one that looks like it belongs to a woman and not a 12 year old boy...

Nor should it resemble two giant planets of orange peel either.

Something feminine, with a little more meat on it than Peter Sutcliffe's hammer.
Are we into the realms of an Abbotpotamus type of backside?. Ones man perfection is another's disaster. Back in the stone age while putting it about like it was going out of fashion, one "Lady Friend " was of a more mature vintage, her nether regions were rather large, but as she rattled like it was going out of fashion, and me a mere slip of a lad, why would I complain. As time went on and I acquired several more girlfriends, I was able to compare, and on the whole ( Bad Pun) I think I favour a smaller more petite arse. The fashion, if you can call it that, is rather ridiculous, like the trout pout a few years ago. It might look fashionable and "On Trend" but in a few years time, when they mature, and it all heads south, along with tattoos, how will it look on a 70 something grandmother?
I know some black fellas like fat women but I just don't get the huge arrse thing.
In Detroit its a sign of satus among the sisters, supposedly it shows they are well supported by the various baby’s daddies and can sit on their fat äss all day and do sfa compared to the fatty type who need to work.......

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