Ceremonial Duties - A necessary commitment or waste of time?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by yodas_pet_rock, Jul 21, 2007.

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  1. Sorry if this has been done before, in which case point me in the right direction and I'll do one.

    I'm currently doing my Senior CLM, and my case study is "Ceremonial Duties - A necessary commitment or waste of manpower and resources" (it didnt fit in the title block!) Obviously I am researching in other areas, but just wanted a few opinions from lads who have been there and got the T-Shirt. Personally I imagine it to be a top job for about a 20mins, after which I could see it being as much fun as stagging on anywhere else in the world.

    So fellow Arrsers, over to you....

  2. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    You'd have got on better if you hadn't given away that it was for your SCLM - in which case, pass the course yourself, we're not doing it for you, you cheating bastard!! ;)
  3. Like you said it does get a bit boring after a while especially the rehearsals for the troop (HM Queens Birthday Parade) but when you’re on the big day the hairs on the back of your neck do stand up.
    Apart from that it does install discipline I know it sounds cheesy but really does!
    I know I am one sided but during my time at the Infantry Training Centre Catterick I worked with line crows for a few months not slagging them off but were not as disciplined as Guards crows which all stems from drill. And nine times out of ten this does reflect in the field. Hope course goes ok!
  4. The real question is...can we afford to have soldiers tied down to ceremonial duties when the Army is fighting two wars, we are losing men in Afghanistan at a rate comparable to WWII and even the head of the Army admits we have nothing in reserve?
  5. necessary

    I, Tradition,
    II, Dicipline, rehearse, rehearse and rehearse.
    III. we're British, its what we do best.
    IV. PRIDE too 'kin right go up a chest size and gain height on the day.
    V Along with the rooks at the Tower and the apes on the rock I will defend this cause, even if manpower was short .
    VI, I'll bull up my prothetics to help out if it came to the crunch.

    BTW snappy title for your case study :D
  6. Up to a point it is worth it. It becomes too much when they start trawling for units in Germany to do PD in Scotland; at a time when they keep telling us that T&S is so tight we cannot send people on courses.
    A review of what PD we are committed to is reqd; perhaps there is some 'fat in the system' that can be used elsewhere.
  7. as long a Y P R references arrse as one of his sources there is nothing wrong in using it as a research tool. "Anecdotal Evidence" is a useful and valid method of research. I am sure the Ed Offrs will have explained this to him.

    For my part the ceremonial is part of our commitment to the nation within the terms of reference of the Military Covenant which is also covered in detail in the SNCO CLM.
  8. Brits spend too much time prancing around, looking skittsh and clopping along with glitter and braid dancing about, and wait till you see their horses!
  9. Thanks so far. -and yes, if I quote anybody it will be referenced. I'm not after somebody doing the project for me!

    WW - Agree with you to an extent, but wonder how the rest of the British Army go about getting their fix of pride and discipline? - I've never done PD's before, but I wouldnt say I have no pride or discipline in what I do. And doing it because we have always done it is not really an excuse, we used to shoot deserters from the trenches remember!

    If anybody could help me with with rough details of cost for the uniform it would be handy, I cant seem to get anywhere on that one. Or how may Troops are required to fulfil PD's (PM me pls)

    Also anybody who has done PD, what is the general feeling amongst the Lads? - Is it like an Op Tour in the way that you cant wait for your first one, don't mind your second one, but the 3rd & 4th are as welcome as a dose of the clap.


  10. I hope the Guards continue to do so. Lets face it, Britain is losing its traditions by the day.
    Atleast the Guards in London in full kit looking smart as carrots is a great tradition.

    If we lose that, just goes to show what a sad state of affairs this country has become.
  11. Maybe just have one full time, permanent PD battalion whoes sole mission in life is to do ceremonially duties. I heard a rumour that the Adj of a Guards battalion was overhead saying that he was looking forward to getting back to PD and proper soldiering! WTF is that all about? With units on 12 month turn arounds between operational tour is it fair that for 2 years a battalion is in effect swanning around facing nothing more dangerous than an overzealous tourist?
  12. <<< wonder how the rest of the British Army go about getting their fix of pride and discipline?>>>

    I used to polish my cap badge, I didn't need anything else to be proud of. I was proud of my Corps and the regiments I was attached to.
  13. "Maybe just have one full time, permanent PD battalion whoes sole mission in life is to do ceremonially duties" Hmm may as well contract it out to < insert new batt'n name here !> and whilst on that track the "Easyjet orange arrows" etc etc

    Or howabout rotate the duty throughout the services, not sure if navy can keep in step, anyone advise ? ;)
  14. they keep stepin' in the poo !!
  15. Good idea WW, lets contract "Securicor"!!! Better idea than the RN! :D We still have the Guards 5 Bns and the RAF Regt, RM etc, so in theory, if each one did their rotation time, it might work out without too much grief if they supplemented the occasional other Regt.

    Permanent PD unit eh? The Yank army have that crew of shiny gold braided "skittish prancers" and a band who just do ceremonial, and marines who stand around helicopters saluting The Pratt, or throwing rifles about, (bit like the French and Italians did in WW2, but the Yanks actually catch 'em where the others let 'em drop to the ground... then ran :d ), so there's always an odd breed that actually volunteer to do it all year round.

    Probably a good thing to keep the PD going as tourists like it and it's a tradition. God knows we have enough of that being thrown out, so I support PD in theory. However, if there's not enough for operational roles, it's risking the health and safety of our service personnel???? I see both points.

    Bottom line is, you can't suck and blow at the same time, (did I really write that??? :oops: ), and if Major, then Blair and the t&^ts that ran around with them hadn't disbanded and amalgamated everything in sight, then if Blair hadn't over extended our commitment to an inept series of campaigns following the septics, perhaps there would be enough units capable of doing PD on rotation while supporting the ops role.

    Bottom line, as always, politicians screw things up and the Toms/Taffs/Micks/Jocks have to pick up the slack at their expense. :evil: