Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by wannabe_civvy, Apr 3, 2007.

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  1. I saw an advert on the telly the other night about Cerco IT Training. I've had a look on their website and they offer a 4 week intensive course for people wanting to get into IT repair jobs etc. They say after the course they pretty much guarantee to find you a job.
    I was just wondering if anyone has actually done or is doing the course and whether it's as good as it sounds.
  2. Hope you haven't signed anything, there are a few unhappy campers with CERCO, plus a few who are happy so I suppose things are relative to expectations.

    If you goto Cert Forums and do a search they tend to have a few folks who have tried various training providers

    Cert Forums
  3. Try Training Camp Uk
  4. I can't vouch for Cerco but I can safely state to not touch Learning Tree International with a barge pole...
  5. I've no experience of their IT training but have dealt with them twice and found them wanting. The second time, after 3 weeks of asking, finally got their PM round to sort out a problem. He was built like a shithouse and I was in no doubt that his stated Service record was unimpeachable, a genuine bloke.

    As we chatted he said that his managers under-quoted as much as possible to get jobs and they were never as fully resourced as they told their clients they would be. Apparently that's how to win big pitches in the outside world, (which is probably why I can't get any worthwhile contracts with the Department of Homeland Security!)

    Just a thought, but if they big it up to their clients, they might be bigging it up to prospective employees as well. Let's face it, we'd all like to have shareholdings, wouldn't we?
  6. Thanks Commander that forum has opened my eyes a bit. I was also looking at Blue Screen IT aswell. Anyone had experience with them?
  7. I've heard quite a lot of negativity concerning Cerco. I'm led to believe that after all the weeks & cash that you put in you don't even get any recognized quals. E.G a Cerco Certified Network Engineer - WTF. Tell that to an employer and they'll laugh you out the door.
    Save your resettlement money for something decent. You only get it once. Use your time before you leave to crack the MCSA and if you've got the time try the CCNA or a bit of Linux. Don't bother with the MCSE. You will not complete an MCSE in 6/7 weeks of resettlement. Not without cheating anyway. Go back to an ELC provider after a year or so in the work place and do the extra work for the MCSE.
    You may not have much experience to back your MCSA up but staff training budgets are tight these days and a lot of employers will be glad they don't have to pay to get you qualified and will look on you as an investment. Most employers know that a forces candidate will turn up on time and will work there bollocks off to get a job done, they know they can get you up to speed on the equipment. However getting some lazy grad cnut to turn up at work every day and look like he wants to be there - thats a different story.
    Don't waste your time before you leave. Start now. Get the courses out the way and get the exams done. Get virtual P.C or VMware and start putting what you've learned into practice. Even better buy some old machines off flea bay.
    There is a good MCT trainer in Glasgow that does resettlement. He used to work for Strathclyde University. Now runs his own company. Not sure of the company name, usually in Quest etc.
    As for Bluescreen, don't know anyone thats used them, nearly used them myself but work committments meant I couldn't.