Ceramic ¼ turn tap dripping

Discussion in 'DIY' started by offog, Jun 23, 2013.

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  1. I have said taps in the kitchen. The cold has been dripping for some weeks now and so the task to fix it was set for this weekend starting before the boss got up. All went well and old taken off, quick trip to B&Q round the corner and replaced all in 40 mins. Job jobbed all for a snip at £14.98 (you have to get both hot and cold even if you only need one).

    No, still dripped with new insert/ceramic washer or what ever it is called. Must have got a duff one. Water off (now that brings back memories) back to B&Q for a replacement. No problem get a new one off the self. New one fitted, job jobbed.

    No, still dripped.

    As they are now all up and moving I had to put it off till Sunday morning to take out 2nd new one and put back original and take back to B&Q for refund.

    Was I unlucky to get two duff washers or is there a deeper problem? Why is it dripping, can it be that the water pressure is wrong, I have opened and reduced the stop cock.

    Can you replace this ceramic cartridge with an older twist tap? I do not want to replace the tap as it is soldered in and very hard to get at.
  2. Thanks.

    I think I read that when I did my original research, or something very similar. I don't think you can strip the cartridge down just replace it. I am hoping that some one will tell me it is not the cartridge and can have a simple solution. In the good old days it was a couple of pence for a washer, now it is £7.
  3. Without seeing it, trying to fix it and failing, it's difficult.

    I've usually fixed the problem with new cartridges, and B&Q are often a good choice as they carry a range of tap heads with different splines for the various heads.

    This sounds like another problem, best sorted with a replacement tap, if you can get the sodding tap off in the first place.

    It's shit like this, where most plumbers often say, "I wish I'd become a sparky..."
  4. Open and close the tap firmly 100 times, resisting the urge to over-tighten it (which would break the ceramic disc) - bit of judgement here!

    It might just need a bit of gentle bedding in.
  5. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Are we talking mixer taps here? Italian mixer taps? The sort where each manufacturer makes its own cartridge? The sort where the old guy at the plumbers merchant sucks his teeth and says "You are fucked, son. I can sell you a new set for £120 plus VAT".

    Whatever happened to two taps with washers you could cut out of your birds old shoes? Bah. /rant.
  6. And sparkies say "What's the problem? New tap, water off, cut pipes and put two inline stop valves in, flex to new tap, job done, easy to fix next time without turning all the water off, wish I was a plumber because I could have charged an arm, a leg and left bollock to do this"......
  7. If it was only that simple.......

    The ******* kitchen fitters fitted the sink and taps on the worktop first, the backnut on the taps cannot be accessed without destroying 2 units, the pipes don't have service valves and are located behind the back- board.......#

    I've got a regular customer who is into design........ he's getting 2 new bathrooms put in by his designer fitters.

    "I suppose you ***** are building in your usual problems?"

    How they laughed........
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  8. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    [Trans] ​Mincers who cannot work with the lads on the tools.
  9. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    are you sure its the ceramic discs and not the spout holding water which is common with all spouted taps.

    ceramic discs can leak if they get a bit of grit between them, most you can pop the discs out, turn them around and they work again with new mating faces.

    odd that the tap fittings would be behind the unit as sinks are cut to bring them inside the cabinet with the exception of belfast ones. must be crap fitters.
  10. Thanks for taking the trouble to try and help.


    You’ve seen my kitchen then.

    Grumblegrunt: it drips constantly, I put a lt jug under it to catch the water so I can put it in the kettle but leaving the spout over the jug is too much trouble for the boss.


    Yes that would be the answer but the pipe work is not that simple. It comes in from the mains on a lead pipe then onto the stopcock. It then has a junction to the rest of the house and another to the boiler. The boiler junction is 2 inches from the tap connections so no room to fit an inline valve, I love pushfit, unfortunately no room. And all this is covered by a back board except for very neat holes just big enough to get the fingers in.


    No, bog standard B&Q tap, Auckland Monobloc Tap Chrome Finish. At £30 it cost me half that to get the cartridges so if it was not for the pipe problem above I would get a new set. When we first got the tap there was a problem with the hot water tap squeaking when you turned it on so the boss had it changed. No problem it's under warranty. They gave me a brand new tap, left the old one on just changed the hot water cartridge. (I gave new tap with old cartridge to a friend who was building a kitchen. It took them all weekend to realise it was the hot tap that was making the dog go apeshit.)

    putteesinmyhands: sorry mate its been in for over 18 months now and this is a resent problem so it should be bedded in by now.

    Could you retro fit an old style full turn tap?

    Question, can you strip down the cartridge. It seems to be pressure fitted so would not come apart with out breaking it. I am contemplating putting the hot on the cold to see if it still drips.
  11. Descale your kettle. And while you're at it, put the ceramic discs (and anything else you can get out of the tap) in the solution. Tip the solution into the tap body and let it stand for a while before flushing it out. Limescale may be your problem.
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  12. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    some taps can be retrofitted if the design was an adaption of an old style, many makers kept the original machining.

    my hot tap sqeaks when the immerser has been on and the water is too hot as it strips the grease out and the discs grind, if your old one is lubed up with silicone grease then it should stop.

    30 quid is a cheap tap so you cant expect perfection but the dripping is odd and might be due to a pulsing water pressure, if that makes sense. I've noticed that some areas when the tap is turned low the water flow will have a pulse. also water companies have been turning down the pressure to reduce the amount lost in leaks, around here it makes the toilets howl until you switch out the nozzles in the ball valve. ceramic discs are held in with an o ring and kept tight with water pressure.

    check and see if the stop tap is all the way open less a quarter turn.
  13. Even easier is to get a fixed price quote from a plumber. Then it's his problem.
  14. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    if the job had been done properly then the tap should have been easier to access and have iso valves on them. surprised the kitchen supplier doesn't have that in its book of rules along with the electrical requirements.