CEO wont let me in, any advice?????

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by 5thRGJ, Jun 5, 2011.

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  1. Guys need help.

    Ex TA , 6 years experience. SHould have gone reg.....never did.
    One day my step boy says he wants to join the ACF, no probs.

    I get roped into joining aswell by his S.Sgt, ok...happy days.

    Have a meeting with the BSM, he wants me!

    Go for a meeting at Hereford and Worcester HQ, the Capt. sound guy....ex reg wants me in.....Reccomends my application is approved!!!!!

    Sir, I recieved a caution in 2004 for harrasment. The ex-missus wouldnt let me get me stuff when we split. I wrote letters, tried phoning, left messages .....went round hers one day since she didnt reply to any of it. No answer but she was home, car was there. Later on that evening I got arrested.

    Explained the situation to the cops, they said " We understand, you should have gone through the courts though, so we are giving you a caution for Harrassment, dont worry, it comes off your record in 5 years."

    Ok....I cant be botherd going to court over this, the cops have been told by the ex that she will let me have stuff back....End of issue!

    New CEO starts and wont let me join !!!!!
    WTF !!!!

    Ive been parading since February, given up two weekends....they had the CRB for 3 weeks and now this !!!

    My OC thinks its mad.....Spoke to ACFA and 2 others counties CEO's and they all think its mad!!!!!

    Im trying the West Midlands RFCA now in hope of getting this dappy desicion overturnt.

    Am I doing all I can?

    Any advise would be gratefully recieved!!!!!

  2. The CEO has a point if all he has to go on is a recorded caution & your version of events. Accepting a caution is an admission to the offence, whatever it was; didn't think "harrasment" was an offence in itself - breach of the peace, court injunction? That said, he should also consider other evidence that supports your character. If you have any of the life experience that qualifies you to guide the young, it's quite likely there'll also be the odd skeleton in your closet.
  3. If you're on talking terms with the ex, it might be worth explaining to her what you would like to do and get a letter from her to say that what happened was in the past. This is probably best done through a diplomatic intermediary.

    It may sound far-fetched, but it does work on occasions, and allows you both to move on with some dignity.
  4. Not wishing to probe too much however

    "I wrote letters, tried phoning, left messages .....went round hers one day"

    All this sounds like a man that went to some lengths to get what was his.......the issue is how far those lengths were (pehaps this is the reason for the caution?) - and view of the CEO? Only you know what actually happened, but the reason for the CEO decision may be based on those events?
  5. Same advice as you got on another forum in another place, get an interview with the Commandant state your case get a decision from him, but generally if CEO says no then no it is.
  6. Eh? How do you work that one out?
  7. 1997 Protection From Harassment Act.

    Initially intended to prevent people from stalking victims in a way that would not otherwise lead to an arrest. Through court interpretaion this has now been extended to provide protection from bullying by management in the workplace and the way the law is used most frequently now, to serve injunctions on former partners to prevent them from "harassing" their ex.
  8. 5th RGJ,

    Reading this again, I think we haven't got the whole story here. I'm not suggesting you are lying, but considering your background and a caution for something that barely registers as harassment (I've had more grief from traffic wardens. I should sue!) I don't see why you haven't been appointed. My county is very picky, but even they would likely take you without any problems.

    1. Has the CEO actually rejected your application in writing? ACF counties can be glacially slow in making simple decisions. I transferred to a neighbouring county and after being told it would take a fortnight, it eventually took 5 months! How long has this been going on?

    2. Have you inadvertently pissed someone else off? A cadet? A cadet's parents? Another member of staff? Staff, particularly can be very childish and hyper-sensitive to any remark or criticism and take it the wrong way or out of all proportion to what was meant. For some adults, the ACF is the only thing in their lives that gives them any sense of worth or self esteem. Crush their dreams at your peril.

    3. Have any of your referees been contacted?

    4. Have you been knifed in the back? This happened to me but the comments came from someone who was universally regarded by sensible people as a wanker anyway so it was ignored.

    5. Getting back to staff, can they afford to take you on? Some counties are full up and have no vacancies (on paper)

    6. Last resort. Ask for full disclosure under the Data Protection Act and possibly the Freedom of Information Act. I hope you have kept records of all e-mails and letters you have received, because if they disclose information, and an e-mail, memo copy, hand written note copy or letter already in your possession is NOT in the disclosure bundle, they haven't done it properly. It might turn up something you don't know about, or something incorrect which can be useful to your case. A DPA request should usually be done discretely by someone outside of this decision making process, so hopefully, they won't have an opportunity to censor it to suit themselves. This can be useful lever to make them tell you honestly and candidly why they don't want you or can't appoint you.
  9. Have you considered ringing the CEO several times a day until you speak to him? What about sending him a couple of letters? Perhaps go round his house and see him (if his car is there, then he is sure to be in, so feel free to keep banging on the door until it opens)
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  10. Smudge, isn't that is the SOP for getting a response out of every CEO?
  11. Have you thought about loitering near his house with: chloroform, a soldering iron, a blow lamp, a shovel, some cable ties, and a bag of quick lime.
  12. If he won't let you play soldiers with the other kids, tell your Mum on the cunt.
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  13. My bold...........her!
  14. He wants to work for the ACF not go on a date with the CEO ;-)
  15. I think that's the basis of the defence he used in court.