CEO throws eppy over ACF to CCF transfer SHOCKER!!!

Discussion in 'ACF' started by pobarg, Feb 18, 2008.

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  1. I have it on good authority that a certain CEO has apparently 'washed his hands' of one of his cadet units that is returning to theCCF fold. There appears to be a great deal of petulance at play and sucking up by sector staff, the instructors at this unit have been hung out to dry and I have heard that one of them has been given some form of letter requesting his discharge!! WTF is going on??!! Surely we are all kicking the ball in the same direction? Why does everything seem to get so personal in this organisation!??
  2. Its about having more toys to play with than the next person, blame his parents for spoiling him as a child.
  3. Whilst I agree that we all should be singing from the same songsheet, and most of the cadet forces are broadly very similar, the CCF does seem to have a different raison d'etre that sets it slightly, but definitely apart from all the others.

    I don't think the organisation neccessarily has the same aims or outlook as the ACF/ATC/SCC or can be fairly compared to them.
  4. Certainly a during my time there was a certain amount of rivalry, some good, some bad, between CCF and ACF mobs. I certainly encountered the attitude that CCF was stuck-up/arrogant/etc and the reverse about the ACF.

    A little bit too much "my train set" mentality by some people.

  5. I can assure you he has done this as there are other issues which are not in the public domain,
    I know you like bitching about people POBARG but sometimes you are not in possesion of all the facts,
    Wouldnt read too much in to the letter of employment termination, why would he "Hang out to dry" insructors? when they are desperately needed elsewere?
    Mate you know the situation in our county It has its moments but it is one of the better ones, why go against the grain all the time? you just making life hard for yourself.

  6. I always thought they were like the scouts? But in green kit!
  7. Troop.....................what issues that are not in the public domain?? C'mon spill! I am fascinated to know what you do. I never realised you were privvy to all the 'court' goings on at county level.................or is it unsubstantiated gossip? I am just interested to know as I am in fact in possession of ALL the facts on this occasion and believe me Troop they suck!
  8. Is it you?
    Then thats a bit harsh
    im saying that washing there hands of this det and its instructors seems odd as like i have said loosing instructors is a bad thing as you know.
    Im not privvy to anything really i just know that if our county staff have made this decision then there has to be reasons for it! you say you are in possesion of the facts? do tell? in pms naturally
    Believe me matey im aware our county makes some strange decisions at times but one thing i know for sure is that boss puts those kids first!
    Not sucking any kind of county cokc here just saying what i see
    like yourself
    I like you mate we have even had a beer together but jesus you do ask for some shit!
    always a pleasure !

  9. troop,
    yes it is me mate.!................and I am a bit confused, letters going in at the moment attemting to address the charade! I am sorry if I was a bit harsh, and yes I suppose i do make it a bit hard for myself, but unfortunately I can't help it I have to put my head above the parapet...................thing is mate I haven't got any probs with county or the boss so I wonder where all this has come from...........put it like this no one else at said det has been written to demanding discharge and kit back!! So needless to say I am a wee bit perplexed and somewhat spiky!!
    ..........and I would use PM's but I don't know how!!
  10. Although this may seem largely irrelavant, could one of you PM the name of your county, please. There's no strings attached to this, I'm simply interested to know what county.