'century of jihad' - by john mannion - help for heroes


My novel 'Century of Jihad', an action thriller, has just been published and is now available online at Amazon, WH Smith, Waterstones etc and will soon be available on Kindle and other ebook formats.

I served in the Forces for 17 years and 5 years in the Police. My book is dedicated to my former colleagues in these organisations and I will be making a donation from my royalties to the Forces charity 'Help for Heroes'. This is stated on the front cover of the book.

Here is the story in brief:

'The UK is under sustained attack from Islamic extremists. Jihadists bomb the London Underground network; bomb a London nightclub; hold the nation hostage by attacking its nuclear generating facilities, then unleash wholesale slaughter onto the streets of Oxford. Individuals and the nation's security forces are left to deal with the consequences.

I think many of you who read this book will be able to identify with the views of the characters.

Hope you enjoy the book.


John Mannion
Author: 'Century of Jihad'
ISBN: 978-1-908105-69-1

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