Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by bwtsninja, May 11, 2010.

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  1. I know I crewed one
  2. :)

  3. And not the tank either. You old bugger. :p
  4. 117 AD I remember it well the Emperor Trajan went and died in august and the young upstart Publius Aelius Hadrianus started talking about walls, the bloody Jews kicked off again and we had to withdraw from Arminia and Assyria, not a good year for the Legions
  5. Jeez! there some angry women in that trailer!!

    Wots up darlin not getting enough??
  6. You should have been in Colly in 61 when that ginger mong Boudicca went mad and you won't believe what she did to Londonium
  7. Were you the fooker who asked her for a ride after circumsizing her daughters with your gladius.

    Good to see the entire crew enjoyed Glenfeshie.
  8. Glenfeshie, you should have been with us on Mons Graupius with Gnaeus Julius Agricola in 83
  9. Centurion walt
  10. Did you not see my avtar, I'm A Legio II Augusta Walt, not like those Spanish prats( Legio IX Hispana) who got stuffed in Hibernia
  11. Roman Walt; next you'll be telling us you were Second Man on the Battlements at Masada! :D
  12. No mate we was down Glevum, still having trouble with those bloody Silures, it was Titus the son of our old boss Titus Flavius Sabinus Vespaianus and the boys of Legio X Fretensis who did that bit of ethnic cleansing, but they did capture that fool Josephus who wrote about that terrorist that Pontious Pilot crucified, you know, the one that all these "Christians" make such a fuss about
  13. So Neil Marshall is the new Ridley Scott.

    I will be watching this film. it looks like a cracker.

    Edited to add...Did Romans actually shout "Stand To" just prior to an attack? (One for Tropper there.)
  14. Scotia appears to have been populated by supermodels in those days.