Centurion IR light.

This might be a good place to ask. Chap on a modelling forum has the following question:

Still working on the Centurion Mk 6 Nato. Want to install the infrared light to the front of the turret.

What color would the bulb be?

Could it be seen through the front, and what color would the interior of the light be.

All the photos that I have been able to come up with so far are B/W which don't show much else but a Black hole.
Basically, I guess the question is was it just an IR bulb, meaning that visibly you could see the mirror from the front of the vehicle, or was it a big IR lens at the front end?

the outside glass is black with a slight redish tint..the bulb i cannot remember sorry.
Tell him to just paint it gloss black!!
You might be able to help me with an (nearly) unrelated question, C.T...........
Did the US Army fit a 105 to the M48? I'm sure they did but a mate of mine says not! Incidentally, I drove one in 84 when the Nat. Guard used them - Considering it was the same generation as the Cent it was a pleasure to drive and its engine and driver controls seemed a generation ahead!
Thanks for that.........was it the M48A6 though. Good tank, I thought. Easier to drive than a Chieftain.

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