centurion avre (gulf-1991)

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by davie0146, Dec 18, 2006.

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  1. hi guys

    has anybody got any digipics of an centurion AVRE during the 1991 gulf war.

    i have been asked to build one for a desk ornament and have had a look through the web and not came up with much except for the duxford one and the salvage squad one.

    if any body has any pics they would be gratefully appreciated.

  2. That must be one hell of a big desk.
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  3. 8O

    forgot to say it was is a model 1/35 scale :oops:
  4. So the desk is even smaller than we thought
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  5. Cpls Mess 32 e have got several frames photos of Cent AVREs however the camera speed wasn't quick enough cos they were traveling in an outward direction at about 2000 fps, REFUEL + HOT ENGINE + FUMES X 165 HESH = smoking crater. I think the Munsterlager Museum has still got a real one, maybe there's a picture on their web?? Don't know the address though, sorry.
  6. Tried to post this before but it disappeared (?)

    What replaced Centurion AVRE? I've seen pics of a Chieftain (?) based thing covered in fascines but it seems to lack that 165mm gun. What performs the blockbusting demolition gun task now?

    (Stupid spelling Edit)
  7. The gun was never replaced, with the increase in use of precision guided munitions and the reduction in need of the RE to provide reserve demolitions it was deemed unnecessary. The AVRE is on its third evolution from the centurions. First was the "Willich" AVRE a home made affair from Engineer base workshops at Willich. Then there was the Vickers AVRE, currently on its way out of service and coming into service now is the Trojan.

    Munster Panzermuseum has a 105mm Avre, not a 165 so it was never used in the Gulf.
  8. I saw one a couple of years ago at a scrap yard/museum in North Devon in the Coberton Combat Collection a mate of mine said he crewed it on Granby and the last he saw of it it was sinking rapidly when it was shoved off the docks into the sea!!
  9. The Cpls' Mess at 32 used to have one as a presentation piece (smaller scaled of course), find out where they got them from or if they are still giving them out and approach the source for the specs. Didn't the TQ of 32 play a roll in all that furniture strapped to the V AVRE? along with the C**gg Wedge used on the bridging to overbridge the pipelines on Granby.
  10. 22 engr regt cpls mess did have them as a leaving present(bigger scale than the 32 ones) as well as 32(still maybe?) but not the gulf uparmoued version...if this is any help :?
  11. holdfast that is the model i am using, but what i need is pics of it in use, with the crew kit, additional stores etc.

    cheers all for the replies
  12. Excellent site holdfast, I'll bet everyone will now want something from Accurate Armour for Chrimbo...