Cents in Egypt

Discussion in 'RAC' started by BarceBandit, Mar 1, 2008.

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  1. info required on which Regiments had Cents. in Egypt in 1952?
    I enclose pic. of trials Cent with 4th.RTR at Quassassin in 47/48.

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  2. Not quite sure if he'll have the answers you require but you could try a PM to 'commander', no doubt if he see's this he will reply anyway.
  3. Please take this the way its intended :D It must be a Rupert's Tank cos of the ladder. Whats that all about we never had those. :? Hussarrrrr
  4. 5th Royal Inniskilling Dragoon Guards arrived from Korea at the end of 1952 relieving 4 RTR who had been their since 1948 5th on Cents.

    4/7th Dragoon Guards in 1952 took part in the Riots of Ismailia on Cents.

    6 RTR took part in the landings 1956 on Cents with 1 RTR withdrawn due to sailing to late also on Cents

    Life Guards 1954 but on Armoured Cars

    The Royal Dragoons 1950 to 54 once again Armoured Cars

    Hope that helps
  5. Thanks, that's a start. 4th.RTR were there since June47 as they came from 2nd.Armd.Bgd. in Italy with us. BAYS,9th.Lancers, 4th.RTR.& 6th.RTR.
    Probably,4/7thDG that I'm after.
  6. If you want definite confirmation try the link below, it takes you to the RDG forum. That is mainly populated by ex-4/7DG and there will certainly be someone who will be able to answer your query.
  7. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    According to Alan Mallinson in "Light Dragoons" when Suez broke there was a squadron of 15/19H out there somewhere (might have been Libya - had Ghaddafi come to power by then?) - might have been A Squadron. ISTR a troop leader was instructed to start bringing the dry-clad Cents up to speed in a hurry.

    ISTR he was Curly B*****n, later Squadron Leader in my day.

    Not a lot of help really, is it?
  8. In 1956 Britain still had land and air forces in Libya, including 10th Armoured Div (though it was little more than a brigade in size). Div HQ was in Tripoli, 1 KRRC in Derna, 3 RHA in Homs, the Queen's Bays in Sabratha, 5 RTR in Barce and 10th Hussars at Aqaba in Jordan. When the Suez crisis began it was intended to use the division as part of Operation Hamilcar (later Musketeer). However because of objections by the Libyan government this did not happen.

    Gadaffi came to power in 1969, within a year all US and British bases were closed.
  9. I'd be interested in any info on 5th.RTR in Barce.
    The BAYS were in a film 'No Time to Die' (Tank Force' in US) at that time, starring Victor Mature, Leo Genn, Bonar Colleno etc and the BAYS cents painted up like PANZERS!!!!An oscar winner it was not but some bloody good tank shots!
  10. I can only tell you that the CO was Lt. Col. S. D. W. Weaver and the Adjutant Capt. G. L. D. Duckworth. As I wrote above the intention was for 10th Armoured Div to take part in the invasion of Egypt and 5 RTR received 152 reservists in Sept 1956. However a lot of pro-Nasser demonstrations started in Libya and the British troops were used for internal security duties- C Sqn 5 RTR was employed as infantry in Barce village in October and November.(This info comes from The Tanks Pt.3 by Kenneth Macksey. Unfortunately I don't have the whole book, just some photocopies I made while researching the Suez crisis).
  11. Baboon6 who were you researching or were you intrested in the whole affair rather than a particular regiment?

    Barcebandit -After the 6th returned from suez they were quickly shipped to Libya.

    6th Tanks in Cyrenaica/Tripolitania (LIBYA Posting)

    In 1957 the 6th Tanks boarded the M.V. Devonshire (A troopship) bound for Libya, North Africa. The troops and senior ranks were down in the hold and the wives and children in cabins. They sailed to Tobruk where they disembarked and the whole regiment moved overland in buses, trucks and tank transporters across the coastal road to Barce in Cyrenaica.
    They were in Barce for a little while and then moved on to Homs in Tripolitania. Most of the families flew from Benghazi in Cyrenaica to Idris Airport in Tripoli and then by road to Homs, where They were till the regiment returned to Germany to amalgamate with the 3rd in 1959.

    Part of the barracks at Barce
  12. Thanks for the pic, it hadn't changed much since 47!!!

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  13. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    I see these pictures and cannot help but remember the afterword in GMF's Complete MacAuslan when he has to confess it wasn't a fictional regiment (we all knew that anyway), but Gordon Highlanders whose escapades in Libya contributed to a classic omnibus.

    He said he'd like to go back to their camp but it had been trashed by F111s out of Lakenheath (?) after Ghaddafi had upset the Americans once too often.
  14. I was in 4RTR second half of 1947 and for some of the time this was my tank. The reason for that was that I was considered something of a wizz kid on wireless (l/cpl wireless instructor). Out regularly under orders to break it if possible, and we did! Wonderful to see it again.
    Had just spent a few minutes looking at the formal photo taken in 1947, all very smart. Your query on 1952 far too late for me - left Port Said just before Christmas 1947, arrived Liverpool on Boxing Day on the Cheshire. Very rough trip.
    Sorry to go all nostalgic!
  15. Hi there, why not send Benghazibandit a private message?