Centre Manager, Bridgwater, Somerset

Newtown and Victoria Springboard Ltd are seeking a

Community Centre Manager

Salary £25,000
I year contract initially

The Victoria Park Community Centre is part of a new pathfinder development in Bridgwater. The Community Centre contains a sports hall, meeting rooms, a community café, learning centre, workshop units and office space for local agencies and voluntary groups.

Working closely with the volunteer management committee, the Victoria Park Community Centre Manager will work to ensure that Victoria Park Community Centre is a vibrant, well-managed facility which meets the needs of local residents.

The successful candidate will have an understanding and enthusiasm for community-run services with the ability to manage the facility effectively and draw in external funding.

For further information and an application form for this post, please telephone the centre on 01278 422255 or visit our website www.victoriaparkbridgwater.co.uk The closing date for applications is 16th April 2010.
If you are considering resettlement a management qual such as the Administrative Management would serve you well.
A potentially very rewarding post with lots of scope for an individual to stamp their mark on things. WOuld suit any capbadge as long as you can have a vision and the drive to achieve it.
Good Luck

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