Central pain syndrome

I was at Peterborough (Edith Cavell) hospital today where I was diagnosed with Central Pain Syndrome.

Anyone else have this syndrome (or any of its other named cousins)?

How do you cope and have things changed?
Central Pain Syndrome.....yes got that with a pygmy after a BJ....being ex- RAMC....
Yeah, thanks Boris, now go and die (with or without pain).
me n bee said:
Yeah, thanks Boris, now go and die (with or without pain).
you must be another BRAT from the Sandhurst Block......under mother Howe!!!...open for chat!!!
Central Pain Syndrome

Central Pain Syndrome, CPS for short.

Also known as Thalamic Pain Syndrome (Dejerine Roussy),
Dejerine-Roussy Syndrome,
Posterior Thalamic Syndrome,
Retrolenticular Syndrome,
Central Post-Stroke Syndrome,
and often found under.... Neuropathic Pain
you may have heard it referred to by any of these names, or perhaps even something else.

cut n pasted from central pain org
Yeah Bedpan, I know the syndrome, have had the experience of having treated some people years ago... Really would like to hear other peoples stories when it comes down to experience (supposedly not many serving bods about with this)!
Just bumping this - has anyone else had any experience of this?

How do you cope?

What medication are you on and how do you manage daily routines?

How did it start - what injury triggered this syndrome?
Perhaps you need to speak to the Quack about this affliction/disease/pox.
Did they give a follow up appointment and did you get any medication prescribed?

I didn't this forum did online consultations and diagnosis. Could be a money spinner.
No mate - full blown diagnosis at a pain clinic with treatment and medication and follow ups etc...

SMO, MO and others involved and hoped that there were others out there with similar problems (well... not hoped but I think you know what I mean).

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