Central Hotel reservation system, please help

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Jennie, Oct 26, 2005.

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  1. Okay peeps,

    We have been invited to a drill hall to run a course. Since they do not have accomodation, we can use a hotel. However apparently to be paid on the 1771, the hotel has to be booked into the Central hotel reservation system.

    Our Chief clerk has minimal experience in this. So can any one shed any light on the System?

  2. Jennie,

    It used to be;

    Phone CHBS.
    Register with them, a few personal details, No Rank Name.
    Tell them where you need to stay, (town). Or if you have a preference try and see if you can get it.

    They will make a booking for youand give you a booking reference number that goes on your claim form.
    Stay at accomodation.
    Pay when you leave.
    Claim the accom and everything else, Food, travel hours etc.

    Bobs your mums brothers, brother!

    I used to use it a lot and I'm sure it wouldn't have changed much. BGood system, saves a lot of hassle, both before your course and more importantly at claim time. Keep all receipts, and some!!! :wink:

  3. CHBS? If so, (and as you have approval) you call them, they'll ask for your UIN, service number, address details, where you want to stay. If you have a limit, stress this to them as well, probably be worth it if you look up some hotels in the area yourself on the net to get an idea of prices or a preferred one if you have requirements (e.g you need to be close as poss to the hall/town/whatever, etc). If you have further queries, they should be able to answer them for you.

    Once they have a match, they'll fax you confirmation. You go, pay (double check this - as I believe they only book it for you ) and then claim back on return.

    If you're not referring to CHBS, I just wasted a lot of time :D
  4. you can stay in a hotel off your own back as long as its under £50 per night. you can them claim on a 1771 without chbs having anything to do with it. trust me i do it every week almost
  5. The advantage of using the CHBS is that if the only hotel happens to be £90 a night, then as it was booked through them (and because they do an exhaustive search...), then you can claim back over the £50 limit that you would otherwise have if you booked off your own back. As long as you have the CHBS reference number!
    Or so I'm told.
    Let's put it this way, I've done it before and the RAO didn't raise an eyebrow.
  6. all i'll say is, be wary of the CHBS, they pick the biggest fleapits and charge well over the odds.

    some of the places i've stayed in aren't fit for asylum seekers - i've stayed in a few and refuse to now!

    Best off going to a travel-lodge mate!

    Also, inorder to claim on a 1771 for your hotel, you'll need your CHBS reference number/booking reservation and more importantly a non-availibilty chit of avail service accom in that area.

    Depending on how ruthless your RAO is will depend on this claim being paid, nearly every town in UK has a (tri) service establishment near by with rooms avail in mess or transit accom.

    where is course being run?
  7. The flip side to Goon Bde's experience is that I have stayed in some fantastic hotels booked through CHBS, including the St Andrews Hotel next to a rather famous golf course of the same name.

    As you can see though CHBS can be a little hit and miss.
  8. When i used ot have to use the CHBS system, i would look on the internet for Hotels close to where i needed to be then phone them up and see if they had my chosen hotel on the list, then made sure i was booked into that hotel, for service reason only of course, it didn't matter what it cost as even if it is over the 50 quid you still get the full amount back as it has been booked through the CHBS system.

    On a couple of occasions when i hadn't had time to check out the internet before booking i would let them book a hotel for me then if when i had checked it out on the net and found it unsuitable, no pool etc, then i would phone them up to change it.

    Hope this helps

  9. The course is in Lecesister

    As it is at a TA Drill hall, which does not have accomodation, we are entited to accomodation, and as its an early start, ebing close to the TA centre is a must.

    Any one have a phone number?

  10. Jennie,

    The number you need is 08457 585 376. You'll have to go through the rigmarole of registering.

    And, no, I don't know why it isn't a military number!

  11. Glad it isnt, being at my civie emloyer would not be able to use it...

  12. Very important bit this...

    "and more importantly a non-availibilty chit of avail service accom in that area"
  13. Sorted...

    RElatively painless....

    Thanks for your help guys, mush appreciated.

  14. I don't have access to a RAO at the moment so can't get the new CHBS number. They changed contract in Nov so does anyone have the new number please. Cheers.

  15. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    Or you could just do what 100's of squaddies do every day and 'pull'.