Central African Republic

France sending 400 more troops in addition to 1,400 already there.

EU to send 500 troops to establish a safe haven within the capital.

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The last poor buggers in Bangui managed to gap it the other day under the protection of what's left of the MISCA troops.

Wall Street Journal.

The thought processes of mobs are always interesting to study, those of involved people after the main event sometimes more so:
"Several bludgeoned a kitten found under the local imam's house "because it's a Muslim cat," as one explained."

Unsurprisingly, and far worse (unless you're in PETA,) the usual savage barbarity has not been absent from the current unpleasantness including rape of both sexes and all ages, mutilations and beheading of children.

With little fanfare the late arrival of the EU troops has started, (the first 5.5% have pitched,) though usefully they all seem to be French making planning of future ops a lot easier.

The EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and Vice-President of the European Commission, Catherine Ashton seems to have been on some high quality Class A drugs when she said: "We have reacted swiftly to the serious crisis in the Central African Republic."
Russia to send more military trainers, equipment to Central African Republic | Reuters
Mentioned on the 'Russian Thread' about their military involvement in CAR HERE, the death of the Russian Journalists, the Russian response (or lack thereof) and a Reuters article on Russian involvement in the CAR including the supply of firearms.

Apparently now, other foreign powers are jealous of what Russia is doing in the CAR:
In one of its most extensive comments to date on the subject, Russia’s foreign ministry defended its actions in a statement against what it said was “a certain ‘jealousy’” by other foreign powers over Russia’s role in CAR.

“We believe this kind of position to be counter-productive, particularly in the current context, when constructive cooperation of all international ‘players’ and not competition or ‘zero-sum games’ is urgently called for,” it said.

“With the knowledge of a relevant U.N. Security Council committee we are planning to send to CAR an additional 60 civilian instructors and the second part of military purpose products.”
The UNSC agreed on the deployment of the additional 60 'civilian instructors' and asked that they liaise with UN peacekeepers there. The additional supplies of firearms was halted whilst it was confirmed where the original Russian shipment had ended up:
According to a confidential memo seen by Reuters, the Security Council’s 15-member CAR sanctions committee agreed last month to Russia’s request to send the 60 additional instructors, provided they coordinate with CAR’s U.N. peacekeeping mission.

But France, the United States and Britain placed a hold in August on further arms shipments pending confirmation that measures had been taken to secure the previous donation.
Obviously MoD RSS, or more exactly the Brit Ambo at the UN, has said their piece in the past: https://www.arrse.co.uk/community/t...civilians-in-central-african-republic.278677/