Discussion in 'RLC' started by Susipe, Apr 7, 2011.

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  1. Hello all, I am currently filling in my census form. My son is in the army and I have to register him on the form but I don't know if there are rules about how you describe your job. He is away in a hot and dusty spot so I can't ask him. Do I put 'Ammunition Technician' /'Soldier' /'Civil Servant' /HM Forces'? in the place where they ask What is your full and specific job title? And how do I describe what he does?
    Thanks for any help, Sue
  2. I'd put "HM Forces" and then just put "Sergeant, Royal Logistics Corps" (or whatever he actually is.)
  3. Thanks Idrach that's done,
    now...'At your workplace, what is (was) the main activity of your employer or business?'
    I thought about putting 'Defence of the Realm' but I'm sure there is an official description I'm meant to use.
  4. I don't think there is. If there is, it's clearly been publicised in the best MoD / Douglas Adams manner, so they (whoever they may be) can hardly blame your son for you not being aware of it ...

    Your suggestion is probably better than "slaughtering the enemies of the Queen".
  5. Susi,

    There was an internal communication listing specific answers to specific questions. Give me half an hour or so, and I will find this, and send you a copy by PM.
  6. i put "saving the world from baddies"
  7. Info sent via PM.
  8. Thank you so much Idrach and Joe, I can see I have put some 'wrong' answers but hopefully I will not be tracked down and punished. It takes them years to process it all anyway, I shall feign amnesia if asked.
  9. This is another bone wind up? Don't reply to the troll. The "son" doesn't live there anymore and will be included in his unit's Census return. And she's late and deserves a £1000 pound fine.
  10. Breaking things and killing people.
  11. Bone wind-up? maybe, maybe not.
    Regarding the unit's census return, you are clearly wrong.
    She is late, though, I'll give you that one.
  12. P_J

    P_J Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    I've just had my census form returned. In answer to the question "Do you have any dependants?" I wrote 'Asylum seekers, chavs, smack heads, unemployable bastards, alcoholics, those that appear on the Jeremy Kyle Show, Northern Rock, The Royal Bank Of Scotland and half of Europe'.

    Apparently this wasn't an acceptable answer
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  13. Correct; you forgot 650 (very) odd MPs, bl**dy Euro MPs, Bradford & Bingley and LLoyds Banking Group.

    Try adding those.... and do try harder next time.