Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by hurrahfortheRE, Jul 10, 2006.

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  1. Nice to see it is a bitter englishman moderating this site and removing the wee bit o' banter about englands exit from the world cup.

    Nice touch what happened to freedom of speech????????????????
  2. Which thread are you on about?

    You may find it's in the Arrsehole.

    Judging by your other posts, I'm sure its a place you will become familiar with.

    PS You'll find it's a bitter sweaty sock moderating the NAAFI.

    If you want freedom of speech, I recommend posting on mil.com
  3. Just who is bitter Wedge Head?

    Hallveg had a thread moved for the opposite reason, so don't get your tits out Oatmeal Ethnic, or your hardened arteries won't take it.
    And Canteen Cowboy is a Chilly Jocko, as pointed out by Flashie.
  4. only allowed if it is pro-english.

    no fear of that from this call sign :lick: :lick: .:lick: :lick:
  5. Read your reply and taste the bitterness we're all tired do you need a nap?
  6. Are you on about this one?

    If so, youve posted it in Sports, Adventure training. The angle of your initial post was to bait as opposed to asking a sensible question relative to that forum. Best you learn to read what a forum is about before chopsying off about your human fucking rights and cunting freedom of twatting speech.

    Fucking slack jawed, skirt wearing inbred.
  7. I smoke dogs c0cks

    I've nothign to add but I'm gonna say it really loud and across as many forums as possible

    I'm a cnut
  8. But thats the point. All I'm bitter about is cnuts like you gobbing off about England. Why not concentrate on your own squalid piece of earth? We English couldn't give a shite about you and your country. Do you think that if the roles were reversed, the English would give two fcuks about it? You are like a mozzy. You are annoying and need swatting.

    Edited to add that I personally consider Flashie to be well above the average when it comes to banter. Maybe a B+ or A- ;-)
  9. 1314
  10. Cowboy, is that like being a self-hating Jew?
  11. I smoke dogs c0cks

    I've nothign to add but I'm gonna say it really loud and across as many forums as possible

    I'm a cnut

  12. As usual, a jockenese skirt wearer high on crack and dribbling McKewans Export from his sporren. Third world, second rate hill dweller.
  13. Nice to see people are grown up on this site
  14. know your history then fella :lol: :?: :lol: :?: