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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Queensman, Mar 14, 2005.

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  1. Hands up if you know where Jennylovelips thread about her nasty boss has gone? It was just getting interesting. A bit uncalled for as the press report was clearly in the public domain. Surely there can't be a Moderator flapping about his MBE - it'll be about now that they are putting the Birthday Honours List together!!
  2. Wouldn't be the first time that a complete thread was removed.
  3. posted it again and it was deleted and asked the same.
    however back on topic: :wink: : at least tell us why it was taken off...twice

  4. '........justice in the Army is a slow process......'. Not as far as Courts Martials are concerned but if it's a redress, it more than certainly will be, the aim being to wear you down and demoralise you until you withdraw your redress.
  5. The aforementioned brigadier was supposed to be taking up a new post from, appropriately enough, April 1. Now it's all gone suddenly quiet. Anyone know what's happened? Has he been sent on gardening leave?
  6. I still want to know why the post about him was removed. is it because he is an Officer and its not very nice news? has the dark side set into ARRSE that much? twice this story was posted and twice it was removed. guilty or innocent he is in the public eye. who will be his next boss???? if true
    as was said before to fat lips
    Brigadier, 1 mech search.....top of the page

    spill the beans then
  7. I see an Arrse thread jigsaw having its pieces put together & it's not a pretty picture.
  8. Nothing to spill really, done two years at 1 Morale Brigade, thought he was a tosser (although no where near as big a tosser as his CoS, which is another story).
  9. from a distant corner of the arrse global village......
  10. I culled the thread for the following reasons

    1. While the story is in the public domain, some of the stuff in the thread wasn't and I didn't want to edit a number of posts

    2. It named names and identified things that are not in the public domain

    3. If you want to run around telling tales about your boss on the internet then I don't care if you end up on the wrong end of an interview without coffee, but I don't want this site to be linked with any later claims of libel.

    READ THE RULES! To make it easy:

  11. Yeah yeah yeah!

    It says at the top of this forum - Int Cell (This is for gossip), so is it any fukking wonder that you get gossip posted on it?

    Let's have more of it!!

    ps There's a nasty thread on Infantry Forum about GOC 1 Div - could be this twot's brother.
  12. Gossip - fine (so long as it doesn't humiliate or identify an individual),
    Linking something in the press - fine
    Discussing opinions about events- fine
    Hiding behind anonymity to publicly identify and slag your boss off - NOT fine.

    I don't take a heavy handed approach to moderation, but there are limits and it's not a democracy. I have the wider interests of the site to consider, and exposing it to the threat of libel or closure is not something I take lightly. As the moderator of this forum I take care to be consistent, but ultimately my say is final and if that is a constraint some users find unbearable then you are free to frequent any other site on the internet.
  13. ok, ok. Delete this is you dare:

    Last week DELETED BY MOD and DELETED BY MOD went to DELETED BY MOD in order to DELETED BY MOD . Nobody knew exactly why they had gone there at that time but as this unit was in DELETED BY MOD but ut was suspected all along that they had been having DELETED BY MOD all along. His wife and her husband were both made aware of what was happing but it was all too late because DELETED BY MOD had already spoken to Brig DELETED BY MOD .

    No censorship here then :wink:
  14. to right.
    but I do agree if its not in the public domain don't stick it up. however I feel there is no smoke with out fire on this story and there could be more dirt on this subject and not just for one officer if it gets to a High Court and found not in the Army's favour we are not having much luck on that score are we after the defence select. if Bliar is getting the word on this and with an election just round the corner we could be more then just a brigadier short me thinks
  15. You can easily tell by the actions accredited to some of the people slagged off on this site that they are complete twonks! It is not beyond imagination that if one of them knew he/she was having it ripped out of them on this site they would have it closed or more probably access at work (where I think quite a few of us access the site) removed. These people have no sense of humour and are so career driven they wouldn't hesitate.

    That said I remember this case a bit, senior officers investigating serving senior officers are less likely to find fault than a Government appoint inquiry finding fault with the Govt.
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