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It would appear the aviation thought police have been at work again on the other means.

Capt Pprune has proven himself to be a dictator with the propaganda skills of Goebels, culling thread after thread that do not fit in with his way of thinking, whilst shamelessly pushing Zionist, anti arab, almost "Naziesque" views to all of his sycophants that will listen. Unfortunately, there are many and they seem to follow blindly.

Even worse, he has altered threads posted by others in order that the original poster is made to look like an idiot, therefore bolstering his own views to the unsuspecting public. Hitler would have been proud.

His latest example of this is at http://www.pprune.org/forums/showthread.php?s=c386725ea3052a8e014cb9c79aefa792&threadid=87462&perpage=15&pagenumber=1

You will note that I have kept this civilised and have not used any profanities. I don't want this moving to the NAAFI bar, as I am informed that he has friends over here with the ability to modify posts.

I don't want this one culled in the same way as they are over there.

It does need to stay on thread over here, as I'm sure a link on that site may bring over new blood over here.

The initial ugly wives thread was started by me and went to 7000 hits in 36 hrs, since then the powers that be have added, removed, editted and tampered with posts, even altering some of my posts to make me look a clown, like I need help.

I since learnt that the site owner is only 5ft7 and clearly has a chip on his shoulder, must have been picked on at school.

I have taken to liberty of cutting a pasting some of his more extreme posts and forwarded them to some of his advertisers.

For any of the chaps that took offence at thier wives being mocked, which I dont believe there are any, (Ali Barber is an F3 Jock) my sincere apologies, purely intended as childish banter and absolutely no offence intended, although I think they are aware of that anyway.

We may get a bit of a slating about this site, as we are perhaps not worthy of some of the Telegraph reading skittle up arrse crowd on there, but at least here the Mods are just and fair. (Most of the time ;D)
I was wondering, since I am banned whether or not anyone would care to email the PPrune owner and ask if he would like to come and comment on a site that will not edit his posts and one where he can't hide behind the delete key if he reads something he doesn't like or proves him to be the Egomaniac that he is.

He has few supporters here, its a shame he is ruining what he spent a great deal of time creating, the site could be a credit to the man, but the power thirsty fool is wallowing in his own ego and trashing the entire site.

Please nobody email witless-Sasless I would sooner see Bonnie Langford become a member
No chance. People like him will not willingly come out into the open where they can be attacked or ridiculed without the ability to hide under a stone.

I hope he proves me wrong, as I have a list of Ppruners who are chomping at the bit to have a pop at him one to one, in a forum over which he has absolutely no control.

We'll see.
I think your right mate, he is happy to sit on his throne (with his feet off the floor ;D) with a handful of his ass kissing brigadiers so close by to wipe his brow and back him up at the cost of thier own beliefs and standards.

Danny-is it a coincidence he has the first name as the other stunt growthed loudmouth Mr Devito?

I will be the first to admit, that the Ugly Wives thread was juvenile and childish, but who says I can't be childish.

Perhaps Danny the Dictator should look into my inbox, if he hasn't already and look at the supporting PMs that were sent, not for having a pop at the wives but for bringing a bit of banter back onto a dull site and removing the topic from Israel, however I am told that this one has since turned into a anti Israel thread..... surprise surprise
*censored* :)


War Hero
Just said my piece...but i am not going to be railroaded off the site....not until ive tried hard to sort it anyhow!!!
I don't want this moving to the NAAFI bar, as I am informed that he has friends over here with the ability to modify posts.  
Trust me, PPRuNe has lost a lot of support from the mods here and most of it over the issue of the A10 friendly fire issue where people who use ARRSE were treated in a manner I don't think would be reciprocated if the likes of SASless came here.

While I wouldn't go so far as to say that there is any anymosity or open hostility towards PPRuNe amongst ARRSE mods, I can say that many of us are disgusted at the treatment some people got at the hands of certain individuals on PPRuNe for voicing dissenting opinions. It's a pity, because those of you familiar with the site will be aware that "The Guvnor" was recently remanded in prison for the alleged rape and indecent assault of a 7 year old girl. That individual turned up here and many of the mods here did all we could to assist Danny have the man prosecuted. On an issue that serious, I think we would put our collective differences aside in future if we needed to, but otherwise I doubt we will be looking to further any mutual support between the mods of the sites. It's a pity because if anyone has been onto Mil Aircrew since ARRSE was set up and most of the army contributers came here, all that is left is a talking shop for a few whinging crabs and a few Yanks. Still, their loss, not ours.
It has now hit new depths of dullness.

Just browsed through the Mil aircrew forum and aged eight years. childishness and naughtiness should be encouraged ;D
But the height of a tower circus dwarf ;D
The argument was made that drivel in = drivel out. Hardly!  ::)

The issue for PPRuNe is simple, so many AAC guys gave up on the site after the "Are we all pilots" thread, and subsequently because of the very "pro-crab culture" and siccophancy that it isn't representative of "Military Aircrew" in the tri-service sense anymore. That isn't helped by the cult of personality that has grown up around Danny, and to be fair, I don't think that is necessarily his doing, it's just that some people (SASLess) don't seem to have the sense of self-efficacy to hold opinions of their own and just repeat as gospel every view or opinion that Danny holds. It then just degenerates into personal insults, attacks, attempts to discredit, and flamings from a select few of his followers for publicly disagreeing with him. The irony of it is, he is quite happy to make his own arguments without the need or desire to have yes-men all around him, but people seem to think that support for the site equates with unquestioning loyalty to danny, and they take it really personally when anyone argues with him. I find that really odd!

I have noticed that in the past 4 months it has got really bad, and I think a lot of that has to do with the level of moderator input. Before they just left it alone and if you said something out of order you would get slapped down by the peer group. Now there is this culture of agreeing with Danny every step of the way, and the more he posts on the forum the worse it becomes. I know he set the site up, but that in my mind doesn't equate with the number of sycophants on the site. Bad CO and Good RO1 set this site up, but there isn't a cult of personality around them, mainly because they keep a low profile. Even if they didn't, there would still be the same cut and thrust with them that there is with everyone else, and that is what keeps this site interesting.

Personally, I won't be going back to PPRuNe it doesn't have anything to offer me anymore. The Mil Aircrew aspect has been relegated to a few crabs, a few ex- spam AF with odd views, and the likes of Ghenghis K, and I have never understood why he posts on Mil Aircrew anyway. If there is anything that I should know from a flying perspective I will find it or it will reach me,  I don't need to read a defunct internet forum on subjects of no interest to me written by people I don't know and who can't make an argument without getting personal. I can't see that PPRuNe is of any real value to anyone in the military anymore.  


What a bunch of knicker wetting wimps we have here! I dare even one of you to reveal your identity in public and then have a go at me. I'll bet every one of you shrieking bedwetters has never been in a front line combat unit and that you are all just cooks or office wallahs.  :p

So what if I am only a stumpy little man with a large chip on one shoulder and an axe to grind on the other

I get off on humiliating people who can't defend themselves by doctoring thier posts and rewording thier phrases.

I will try and turn every thread and post in tosome sort of Pro Israel or anti Arab thread, when really I should just mouth off to someone who cares

I will also swear and sound off on this site, further demonstrating my complete diesregard for etiquttee that I hold so dear on my own site

ORG, why don't you come to a PPRuNe Bash and you can "have a pop" at me. Yeah... you and your mummy no doubt. Typical chickensh!t talk from a penpushing 'soldier' who doesn't have the cojones to back up his fighting talk. I'll bet your idea of having a pop at me is to creep up behind me, anonymously, hit me with your handbag and then run away shrieking and panicking. GO back to your sleeping bag and carry on w@nking. The exercise should build up those feeble muscles in your arms.  ::)

Woopert, thank you for the defense of my virtue but it really is not necessary. I know that there is a bit of a cult following although it is not something I have cultivated. I was the one who removed the moderator from the Mil Forum on PPRuNe but I don't mind taking the blame for the moderators misplaced attempts at nannying.

So, those of you who have had your fragile little ego's bruised after wetting yourselves in public because someone criticised something you posted can enjoy your sanctuary here while you all emotionally hug each other. Oh, and this  isn't banter but no doubt some of you will be trawled into a frenzy at having to prove your manhoods. Trouble is, you need a d!ck to begin with if you want to do that.  ::)
My Fyne

Should we resort to your levels of censorship on here or should we continue as we have for some time.

Maybe I will have a little play as you did with Northern Monkey ;D
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