Censorship on ARRSE ?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Tenorplayer, Aug 24, 2004.

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  1. Forgive me if Ive made a mistake ,but a post I put on today about the You.gov poll.. and about 94%of the public saying we firefighters do a good job but only 79% thought the same of the army seems to have disappeared... Now I would have thought that you Rufty Tufty Mil types would have broader shoulders than to silence those who dont sing your tune.
    Again.. I apologise in advance if the cockup is mine but I saw the post in its place after I posted it. Please tell me you dont censor free speech.
  2. No we censor repetitive Fire threads.

    Have a problem with that?


    I was prepared to have one , possibly two Fire Service centric threads in Current Affairs. Some of the FireBoys and Girls, know how to behave themselves as guests on someone elses forum, and some definitely do not.

    You had it, you abused it , you lost it.


    There are Fire Service Threads in the Naafi Bar, use those.

    There is only one Fire thread from this point in, I will consider resurrecting , and that is the "What to do when you get a shout"

    As regards the poll, all that shows is the news of your impending strike action hasn't reached the great unwashed yet.

    But it will.
  3. Hi TP, you know me and my thoughts on censorship...... hope it was a mistake.

    As for the poll, there's no surprise that the FFs got a higher %age...... if we are doing our stuff we're miles away, you're on their doorsteps so go figure. Is it what they really going to get or just what they would hope for (expect)?
    Also if you add up all the numbers in that list you get a total of 980%, which begs the question how was the poll carried out.

    Can the mod answer the censorship thing? :roll:
  4. Okay, repetitive threads on FF matters is a fair one. Re submit in the NAAFI.
  5. I can answer the censorship thing.

    I log in this morning, and find a "Nah-nah-ni-nah" thread started, and one extremely bad-tempered reply.

    I could have moved it to the Naafi Bar, but I thought

    "To hell with it, there are plenty of Trumpton threads in there, and that could simply have been added to it."

    So, as the Mod , I deleted the topic starter, becuase I can't be arrsed to go through editing People's bad-tempered replies.

    Hope that helps

  6. was that my reply you are talking about???? I didnt think it was bad tempered? :?
  7. Helps yes but If people dont like a thread they ignore it and it dies onto page 2 or 3 very quickly.. No .. I think this was a very cowardly thing to do and I`m disappointed. I thought you were more honourable than that.Even a personal message to me would have been more honest but it seems you only explain once the dirty washing is aired in public.
    I have posted quite a few times on this site... usually with the utmost respect for the forces( to repeat myself..my lad is a bootneck) ..only insulting those that abuse. I will, as many of you no doubt will be already suggesting, go and F**k myself and retire to an observing rather than contributing membership.
  8. X-Inf

    X-Inf War Hero Book Reviewer

    What's the point of having MODs if we are not going to allow them to do their (thankless at times) job. However, it may have been more acceptable to delete the post, explain why and then lock the thread. Still you will not be able to please everyone all the time etc etc.

    The area that surprises me is that Gestapo HQ have not ordered the shutting down of the Furher site. Long may it stay open.
  9. 'Tis true PTP, if you are going to delete TP's post at its very beginning a PM to explain why whould have been the polite thing to do. Maybe a note for future reference? We don't have to be nasty do we..... not when we're in the right anyway :)
  10. Tenor

    If you don't like the style of moderation, don't post here.

    Tell me, which Fire Service thread has that ever happened to?

    This is the Current Affairs thread on the ARMY Rumour Service, not Firepay 30K. I have let the Fire Service start their threads here, to give us an insight into just why they consider Strike action viable.

    These threads have a nasty habit of dengenerating into a Mill, without permanent overwatch. Today's thread starter, as far as I am concerned, is the last straw.

    Said the representative from the Service that is about to hold people's lives to ransom for more money. :roll:

    Unlike Firepay30K or whatever it's called this time around , that just bans Army contributors that express a difference of opinion?

    Hey , maybe I should do that to the Fire Service contributors?

    For your information Tenorplayer, an explanation, and warning the thread was about to be deleted , was posted before deletion. The thread stayed up for about an hour before I took it down.

  11. well i am sorry that you felt it was a bad tempered post i made - i actually recall not being abusive at all, just explaining that joe public in the uk isnt as bright (which has been documented on the news) - i am genuinely quite confused that you saw that as bad tempered - is this a persoanl vendetta aginst me or are you just feeling sensitive today - i am not taking the pis s here either i really dont understand why my comment warranted deletion
  12. I think calling Tenor Player a PRICK did the trick there Moodybitch.
  13. WEll i've seen the trumptons called worse on here.

    Sorry if you were offended, i am rather surprised though PTP - this is not like you at all.

  14. Moodybitch,as is the case with all the other Fire threads that degenerate into a slagging match, the thread normally gets moved to the Naafi Bar.

    Just like all the others have.

    This time it didn't. As you mentioned in your reply this morning, there are already available Fire Service threads, TP was free to use one of those.

    I took the decision to delete it, after posting an explanation on the thread as to why I was going to remove it.

    The simple fact is, unless Fire Service threads are VERY carefully moderated, they get out of hand, very very fast indeed