Censorship of South Park

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by HRHCharles, Apr 23, 2010.

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  1. Very accurate

  2. Moderately accurate

  3. I'll put a Fatwa on your ass!

  4. I'm going to kill your family!

  5. I don't get it?

  1. ...it annoyed me, so I made this which I think is pretty straightforward. It is what it is, take from it what you will, like a glorified Rorschach inkblot.

  2. Not noncey enough.
  3. It annoys me that you didn't get the joke.....
  4. I think that media doing this cheapens their value and empowers these hate mongers way too much. I think Matt and Trey should make an episode that would cause any censoring to render it unairable.
  5. But why is south park a carrot?
  6. Seriously? Is this a wah? Do you not get the joke?
  7. ;)
  8. Why should we bear with you,are you trying to make a prophet ?
  9. What's South Park?
  10. The bleeps weren't a joke by Parker & Stone, they were added by Comedy Central. The Rorschach inkblot point was valid in your case, finding a joke where there wasn't one.
  11. A children's programme watched by men who wear earrings.