Censorship, Biased Moderators


Thjere seems to be a conspiracy against any one who has the temerity to ctitisize our beloved Fire Fighters.

The main source is a Moderator on the Current affairs site.

every time anyone posts something he does not like or does not agree with - he deletes it.

This is not fair, stifles free speech and smacks of censorship.

If he does not loke the views expresed by posters, that is his choice.

But continual censorship is not right!!!
Lololololololol  ;D

Let me assure you Yeo, come the glorious day, Gilchrist will be getting one of those 4 o' clock knocks on the door, followed by a car drive, if you get my meaning.

I simply want to keep one thread, which has provided some useful information, open, and free from bickering etc.

This is the only thread, that I have wielded an axe on continually, because I want to preserve the information coming across.

I know it is useful, because I have been Pm'med by people on GG crews, who have printed this thread, and stuck it up on their info boards.

I am not taking sides, and instigated a thread in the Naafi bar, so both sides can have a pop at each other...

So feel free to fill your boots in there.....

Best regards



I do not agree.

The "Advice" site is full of patronising and intelligence insulting clap trap.  Posted by people who should not be on strike (or contemplating thier next strike) in order some how to make themselves feel good.

"Look at me" I have given those poor soldiers advice so I must be a good bloke.

If you are not a Fire Fighter stop acting as thier "protector" and if you are a Fire Fighter, you should have withdrawn your right to act as a moderator while the dispute is running.
Yeo, I appreciate you don't agree, that's why we're typing here.

I repeat, I have had messages from GG people, who do think that information in that thread, could well prove to be of use.

As for accusations of bias, read back over the thread, for this from Mario, after I deleted and moved his political message.....

I posted a serious reply on this thread that really was aimed at helping you and your buddies to stay safer during the strike and you've taken it off!  Was that because it was about you lot using our machines?  The comments I made were deadly serious and I am sure would have helped to make some of the forces personnel think for themselves rather than be led blindly by politicians into the unknown.

If you didn't want serious comments or if you want to treat your troops like children, not letting them read about certain issues, I won't bother to put anything else on here.

What a shame, just when we were getting along so well!!

I don't care where the information comes from, but, if it can contribute to saving a life,or making sure that one of ours, doesn't get injured then it stays, and they will continue to be encouraged to contribute, whatever their motivation is.

Can you honestly say, reading back over the thread, that there wasn't one piece of information in there, that you didn't already know?

I totally agree, they should not be on strike. I also have to question, why the hell they waited 25 years to smack in a huge pay increase demand, instead of going for little and often pay demands.

Please don't accuse me of taking sides Yeo, that is certainly not the case. Your posts were never deleted, just moved to the NAAFI bar thread.



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