Cenotaph Service Videos

I'm looking for videos of the Cenotaph service in London or anywhere else in the UK for 11/11/Rememberace Day/Armistice Day awareness for school children here in Dubai as the British council/embassy haven't the foggiest clue what 11/11/Rememberace Day/Armistice Day is as far as I know. :roll:

Please PM if you can help


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You could start by calling it Armistice Day or Remembrance Day, then they might understand what you mean.
We’re not Americans.
I'm sorry? Looking for videos of the actual wreath laying service on Rememberance Day. If you mean calling it Armistice Day or Rememberance Day when talking to the British Council/Embassy, then I assure I tried all variations including explaining what it is but they don't know what it is.

In any case, thanks for your input, Goku.
I think I have one on a VHS tape somewhere but surely the Foreign Office's local contact will give you a copy if you ask.

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