Cenotaph - Live coverage on BBC1 Now

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by ukdaytona, Nov 11, 2008.

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  1. Live on Beeb 1 now, coverage of the Cenotaph and across the UK
  2. It is on now in my classroom. My tutor group will be back with me in a few minutes. They are going to spend todays Tutor Period watching it. At their request they'll be standing in silence with me at 11am. They are looking forward to seeing Mssrs Stone, Patch, and Allingham together. Not all teenagers are terrible...

  3. good to hear schools are doing the silence the school which my brother goes to isnt holding it as it disrupts lessons and may offend students from other religions

  4. I cannot understand how this would affect other religions, as the silence itself is a mark of respect, needing no religious undertones.

    I suspect the school's curriculum would have been greatly disturbed if those we remember today hadnt given up their lives for our tomorrows.
  5. Michelle Goodman looks about twelve in uniform but she must one s*** hot jocky, I believe she is about thirty and has three combat tours , the oerfect person to escort Henry Allingham
  6. Indeed, the cenotaph was deliberately built with no religious iconography on it in order to represent all who had died....

    I just stopped what I was doing at 11, standing still and silent on the Edgware Road for two minutes. No-one, and I mean no-one, else was doing the same....they were all just going about their business.... Nobody even saw me and followed my example.

    To be hoenst, sadly, I'm not surprised...
  7. The children stood in silence and wonder.
    They paid their respects to those who have gone before.
    They send their greetings, respect, and best wishes to those who are currently serving.

    By the way, if you saw the Festival of Remembrance last Saturday (look again on iPlayer), the two children who brought on the poppies at the end and then led the Air Marshall out are pupils from two of the primary schools linked with my secondary school. Good weren't they?

  8. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    I am so humbled,I have just watched these Gents,so frail looking,yet so determined, paying their respects to the comrades who have fallen thruout the years.
    Mr Allingham in particular showed determination to pay his respects,he so much wanted to get out of his chair & lay the wreath himself,aided by a lovery WRAF officer & a Flt Sgt,but understandebly could'nt.You could see the crowd were moved by him & the other Gentlemen.
    It also reminded me I need to dust!
    One thing that spoilt it was,yup,you guessed it.Cyclops!
    While everyone was singing their hymns from the crib sheet,he was looking around & clearly mumbling.
    It's sad to realise that this may be the last time we will see these great Gentlemen on Remeberence Day.
    We owe them all a debt that can NEVER be repaid.
    We will remember them.
  9. Just stood outside the front of the building under the Oak trees, myself, my assistant and one security guard....thats it....
  10. Once again, my flat is full of dust.

    We will remember them.
  11. Cyclops' hymn sheet would need to be the width of Whitehall for him to be able to read the words, as the letters would need to have been printed for his myopic eye at least in font size 36!
  12. A very moving ceremony. Not ashamed to admit to a serious lump in the throat moment when Henry Allingham went to lay his wreath. I'm delighted that the three veterans were so warmly applauded by the crowd as they left to go to Downing Street.
  13. You answered a question I had, spike. It was on the telly with the sound off where I was working. I thought before the silence, 'hang on, that's not Harry Patch, is it?'. And watching Henry Allingham desperately hoping he could lay his wreath himself was beyond words.

    They're going to a reception at Downing Street and a lunch intheir honour. Let's hope Cyclops spends as much time as he can talking with them. He might learn something.
  14. The Glorious Dead.
  15. Stood with my Polish friend, her second year in UK, yes also in Poland is 11/11 she said as we waited for 11am-
    Machines stopped
    We stood and then went back to work.