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Cenotaph etiquite

Is it Wrong to Trot up and down the steps

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My question is:

Is is disrespectful to trot up and down the Cenotaph steps. :?

Having just returned from my local rememberance parade with my son. I watched as the wreath layers done their part. When it came to the turn of my local MP, Eric Joyce. He 'Trotted up and Down' the Cenotaph steps. With him being ex-forces I would have though that he would have laid his wreath in a more dignified maner.


It's Eric Joyce FFS.....he's been trotting ever since a half colonel in the RMP slapped his head for him....allegedly.
Having done the wreath-laying bit several times I can tell you that our instructions were always to walk slowly up the steps, lay the wreath, step down slowly backwards (preferably without looking behind you - if HM can manage to do this perfectly at her age there's not much excuse for anyone else!), pause and then bow or salute as appropriate. Turn and march away.

"Trot up and down!" - sounds like a horse... Do explain further?
If that was the most disrespectful thing that that chippy swine Joyce ever got up to we'd have cause to be grateful.

If the trotting gave him a sporting chance of slipping and rendering that big mouth of his beyond economic repair then that cenotaph would have been put to extra use today.


Book Reviewer
Off topic (slightly) but where is the Falkirk one held? I'm assuming the memorial at Dollar Park on the road to Camelon?
scaryspice said:
sweatysock said:
Nothing much to explain Scaryspice, he looked more like he was late for a train.
Just so long as he didn't turn his back on the War Memorial before saluting/bowing? At least he turned up...

That's the whole point.. HE WAS THERE. It seems some people are determined to find fault with everything that MPs do (I know it's not difficult to find things) but I think it's getting like The Fast Show on here "This week I will be mainly getting outraged"
Was it just my dodgy old age hearing, or did I hear someone shouting during the 2 minute silence? Sounded like some twat making some sort of protest.

If it was that, I hope they were stepped on smartly.

(Was watching on TV)


Book Reviewer
Yes, I was watching it as well, and clearly heard some shouting. Couldn't make out what it was about though. Ignorant tw@t.
I thought I heard someone shouting too (watching on telly as well).

Hopefully whoever it was has been advised of the error of their ways by now. Even the most hard line protesters must surely understand that doing anything at the Cenotaph on Remembrance Sunday is going to irreversibly damage their cause, however just the public might think it is.
Back to the original point - Mr Chippy Joyce never had any respect for the Army, only for himself.
They should have given our Willie a medal if he did (allegedly) gave him a slap.
I was at the Cenotaph, and distinctly heard someone shouting about 30 seconds in to the two minute silence. At first I thought it was someone giving a stand easy or other drill order, because it sounded quite slow and measured, but it stopped almost immediately. Probably because of the frosty stares of a couple of hundred soldiers, sailors, airmen, cops and Her Majesty. That or a PC or three felt his collar and told him to shut it.

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