Cenotaph 11-11-11

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by fairy_nuff, Oct 11, 2011.

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  1. It's filthy and needs cleaning for 11-11-11 Charlie Gilmore should be doing it with a toothbrush IMHO but he won't. I have written to the Mayor who told me to write to Westminster Council who told me to write to English Heritage, waiting for a reply.

    Question is: if English Heritage say no can do, how many Arrsers would be up for an Arrse Cleaning Party? Anyone know how to get the police to cordon it off? Anyone got a cherry picker? Any ideas about a water supply? It would be bring your own buckets, scrub brushes and high viz vests and BLESMA coins. May have to seek a beverages after.
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  2. If you kill yourself on it, it will get a free clean.
  3. There must be a contractor out there who would be happy to do the job for the positive publicity ?
  4. Grow up, you fucking dick.
  5. Lay off the wine......
  6. Should the cleaning be carried out by amatuers?
  7. Does it look like I can keep wine in, you fat cunt?

    I can just about keep water and Lemsip in. You diseased riddled pierced tramp.

    You know I love you really, you big tub of lard xxx
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  8. Just running this up the flag pole to see if anyone salutes
  9. Keep taking the tablets ;)

    Apparently the HIV will eventually fuck off.
  10. It's alright for you, the dog's got it now and has just yacked all over the bed.

    If M&S made dog sick, and Carlsberg perfected it, this would be it.

    Change the bed, or sleep in the Snuggles Room? I think you know what option I will go for. It's fucking everywhere. It smells worse than me.
  11. Must be a strong flagpole :D
  12. Not having seen this cenotaph but wouldn't a big fuck off pressure cleaner be in order?
  13. If you pay my airfare from Sydney and beer money, I'll fly over and have a go with the karcher. I'll need Goatruter and Mark the Convict to turn the tap on as well.
  14. And somewhere to put my head down. Not keen on a cardboard box in a UK winter.
  15. Can you get the songs about chundering and one-eyed trouser snakes sorted?