Celtic Park

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by jaybee2786, Oct 4, 2007.

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  1. AC MILAN Brazilian keeper Dida goes down quicker than Jean Charles de Menezes in a police chase,

    The celtic fan said"i could smell diesel and thought DIDA was another bomber,then i sniffed my hand and it was only diesel aftershave i could smell or else he would have got done in like the last one".
  2. apparantly sir alex wants him at scumchester utd. he will fit in there quite well. his "collapse" was just as good as scholes, neville and the rest of them
  3. Regardless of whether Dida acted like a jessie, surely the fact that a fan could enter the field of play and get close enough to touch the keeper far outweighs his antics? Celtic are starting to get a name for this, fans even do it at the ground of their rivals (last season v hapoel)
  4. Now that depends i agree the fan was wrong, but if the fan gets caught he could go down for assault or DIDA antics attempted murder.
  5. The fan should get a ban for life, bit wont cos he supports one of the in-firm. UEFA will promise to com edown hard after an investigation, when the results come out, UEFA will chicken out of any promised hard line action, and give them a small tiny fine, which wouldnt even make a dent on the celtic coffers.

    Dida, will get laughed at for a while, get called klinsman for a bigger while then all will be forgotten. sh*t happens.

    Im not cynical, honest!!!

    :) :)
  6. Whats the diffrence between Jean Charles de Menezes and DIDA,
    Jean Charles de Menezes took seven shots to go down.
  7. Link. "The individual in question has now been banned for life from attending Celtic matches, both home and away."

    This nutjob who had his "...bail conditions altered so he can attend Celtic's Champions League football match" is welcome though! :omfg:
  8. I thought Dida had been shot from the south stand. my god footballers are a bunch of fannys. The fan is a nob, granted but Dida has just convinced any-on-the fence football enthusiasts that the game is full of spoilt (rich as f uck) idiots.

    Me, as a rugby fan think its funny as hell. Yous lot are a bunch of girly boys! :lol:
  9. Are you a Hun :?: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

    Only joking - you are right - its wrong!
  10. At least our players sort the scum on the terraces out themselves instead of going down like a sack of spuds.

  11. probably just got overcome by the smell of SH1TE from breezeblock boulevard.