Celtic finally win away...

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by bohs_man, Aug 5, 2009.

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  1. ..in Europe! :eek:
    After 22 games without an away win they finally did it.
    Dinamo Moscow 0 Celtic 2
    Well in Tony Mowbray and the Celtic team :D
  2. Good match, good to see Tony's tactics worked well. :roll: wonders if il Papa put a bet on though.
  3. Thank god, took us long enough!!!

    Will be good when Broony is back to full fitness, and Sami played really well!
  4. As a Hun, I'm glad to see Celtic win this one...

    ...the more games they play in the Champions League, the more knackered/injured they will get! :twisted:
  5. And the less money the Huns will get to pay back a tiny bit of their interest!!!
  6. Enjoy it Timbo, just another qualifier to get through before the Champions League proper...
  7. We did'nt have to qualify, son! Winning the SPL got us in the front door! :D
  8. We are the people ;)

    I'm looking forward to this season, See how Rangers and Celtic get on.

    After our sickening performance in Europe last season I'm hoping we do better. Obviously. Just gutted that we were in the UEFA cup final and 14weeks later we were out of Europe :(
  9. With Big Tony's style of play, it looks like this season should be a fuckin screamer in the SPL!
  10. If he loses more than three games, the fans will be calling for him to be replaced because he is "not Celtic minded!" :twisted:
  11. ah wendyball is back
  12. What about the "We deserve better campaign" at Ibrox?......... :wink:
  13. just what we were all thinking :)
  14. Well done the Hoops!!! :D
  15. Thought you supported yon hibernian squad :x