celtic fhans get what's been due to them for years...

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by regular_imbiber, Nov 16, 2011.

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  1. For years they have bleated that singing about the boyos was "political" and not sectarian; "we are an all inclusive club and support" they told us and then proceeded to grass up the nasty Rangers fans to the authorities every chance they got. They cried about "The Billy Boys" and the word "fenian" (while simultaneously using the word "fenian" in their own songs!), well its all come home to roost for the self-proclaimed "Greatest Fans In The World".

    UEFA probe over 'offensive' songs - News - Scotsman.com

    BBC Sport - QC Paul McBride urges Celtic to get tough on Green Brigade fans

    But the best of the lot is the following astonishing rant from the head of the celtic Supporters Association who seems to think that sing about a discredited oirish republican gang of thugs is a vital part of being a celtic supporter!!


    We are now under attack form the Goverment, the Judiciary, and the Police"
    It would appear that we are now under full scale attack from the Scottish Government, the Judiciary, and the Police, not forgetting the SPL and UEFA.
    It seem to me that the interference of Match Commander Eddie Smith is particularly sinister; it’s been said that reporting to UEFA direct is common practice; if that’s the case then show us the statistics; how many times has it happened in the past? And which team; or teams were involved?
    I would suggest that this is the next step by Alex Salmond in his campaign to impose on us the completely unnecessary new legislation regarding behaviour at football matches; and it would appear he is being abetted by the Lord Advocate Frank Mullholland and the Police.
    How else would they explain the case of a 17 year old Celtic supporter getting his door kicked in at 6am on Friday morning by a van load of Strathclyde’s Finest? His heinous crime singing “Ooh ah up the RA”
    My information is that the bhoy appeared in court yesterday afternoon; the judge was imposing the usual banning order (which in itself is a punishment before trial); but the Prosecuting Fiscal opposed that and asked that he be remanded in custody.
    A 17 year old remanded for singing when some of the most hardened and deviant criminals in Scotland are getting out on bail; it would seem to be completely disproportionate.
    I firmly believe there is far too much political interference in the policing strategy for football matches; that would appear to be the case in the Prosecuting Fiscal’s Office as well; is this brave new Scotland being twinned with China; or North Korea?
    Are we not the same support; singing the same songs; that won both the UEFA and FIFA Fair Play Awards in 2003; just what exactly has changed?
    I would be happy to have a debate with the Club and the other Celtic supporters groups on the issue of singing; but I’m not prepared to stand back and watch a generation of young Celtic fans be criminalised for supporting their team.
    The Celtic fans will have to stand up and oppose these unprecedented attacks on our supporters; trying to bully us into submission will not work; that has been tried for over one hundred and twenty years; it failed then; and it will fail now.
    There will be a few ways of helping which I will inform you of later in the week. The most important thing now is to try and get this young bhoy out of a prison cell; and back home where he belongs.


    You reap what you sow, timmy.
  2. Rangers fan by any chance?

    There's enough of it where I come from and the last thing I wanna see on these forums is sectarian and bigoted arguments.

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  3. Morton fan.

    Its in the news, you shrinking violet. Does that make all the news agencies "sectarian and bigoted"?
  4. I'm not a Celtic or Rangers fan so just an outsiders view...i hope the little shit gets reemed good and hard for the vile crap coming out his mouth......if you have to use terrorist chants to support a team then your not supporting sport.
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  5. Apparently no case to answer according to S.F.A./ S.P.L.
  6. Course not, i just feel you could have worded your post a little better :p.

    However i do agree and hope that the offenders get more than a slap on the wrist. The Celtic fans i know are exactly that, fans, and they keep any other views they may have to themselves. This lot of twats who make the news are in a minority and give the club a bad name.
  7. The SFA prevent players speaking out against this sort of stuff but they are ok to stand up against racism. Surely speaking out against terrorist murderers is more important?
  8. Fair enough,wolf. It was a bit of a soapbox rant on my part :)

    Its the whole attitude of their head honchos that is astounding people though, they genuinely thought that all the new legislation and laws did not,could not and would not affect their own behaviour!!!
  9. Bollocks, you're a hun an you know it! Well at least you were when i was on duty last and you were throwing some abuse my way!
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  10. Such hostility, dear bohs_man!!! I was merely helping your time pass a little quicker :)

    And how are you anyway?
  11. Fucksake RI PERSECIts not going to be hard to trace you now is it...theres only 5 Morton supporters altogether and we know your not the sheep.
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  12. We are many, we are The Famous Greenock Morton!!
  13. Ahem, looks like Celtic have been cleared by the SFA, All that rage for nowt RI!

    Celtic cleared by SPL over pro-IRA chanting by some of their fans - The Daily Record
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  14. You craic on then, you jolly craicsters. If the lovely people of the Gangrene Brigade dont take this as a warning, then even Peter Liewell's mastery of spin wont save "The Greatest Fhans In The World" from severe censure.