Celtic Fans unveil anti Poppy Banners at Parkhead Today

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by killaloe_holiday, Nov 6, 2010.

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  1. Thought I would cross post this with a better title. Who is in the ARRSE MT Yard this evening to sign out the Outrage Bus....
  2. Although there will no doubt be some home grown halfwits in amongst that lot, the chances are that most of them are bogtrotters like yourself.
  3. On the up side they won 9-0.
  4. What does either BLOOSTAINED or BLODSTAINED mean?

  5. I thought it said 'Aloo' stained? Maybe they'd been for a curry before the match.
  6. Every fcuking year this gets dragged up.Look they call themselves "The Green Brigade", a section of hardline fans.This is NOT the view of every Celtic fan.
  7. Someone needs to tell them you don't wear the poppy on your hoop.
  8. As I stated in an earlier thread they are showing complete ignorance of their own clubs history and the sacrifice made by the Celtic players during the world wars.
  9. click
  10. We're in the UK - Freedom of speach.
  11. Yep, infact during WW1 a Celtic player was awarded the Victoria Cross, and a lot of those players went away to fight, as did several in WW2. As stated above though, it's a certain section of fans, who are mainly from Ireland, or youngsters who love that sort of crap
  12. But your hoop may resemble one if you have too much Aloo!
  13. So it belongs in the toilet?
  14. Unfortunately there are plenty 'home grown' muppets with this rather childish attitude which shows their complete ignorance of history.
  15. Claiming to speak for everyone of course, as is usually the case with opinionated morons.

    Q; What's an ignoranus?
    A; An ignorant arsehole.