Celtic fans show their true colours

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by harareboy99, Nov 8, 2009.

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    I know this was mentioned on the other 'outrage bus' thread of the day but thought it was deserving of its own thread.

    In this case i think football violence on the Falkirk fans behalf would have been justified :x
  2. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Utter w4nkers and I speak as a lifelong Celtic fan

    It will never be sorted IMHO until Celtic and Rangers stop boatloads of fans coming from N.I.

    Unfortunetely a number of fans have to jump aboard the potato famine bus and feel they are justified in carrying on like this
    It's the simple reason why Celtic and Rangers will never be brought into the English Leagues as nobody wants there particuler brand of chanting
  3. What a disgrace. First Rangers fans cannot behave themselves when in Europe and now these mugs act like immature kids. My Grandfather and his 4 brothers were Irish and RC but volunteered to fight fascism and did so as Jock Infantry from 1940 - 46! Grow up and act like world citizens rather than the cretins they appear to be.
  4. Par for the course for the mongs of that part of the world…

    I recently sold some styuff on ebay, the buyer was in Glasgow, as soon as I supplied my details and he saw my name he told me to f**k off as he didn't want to have anything to do with a 'taegue'… :roll:
  5. Did any other clubs fans disrespect the silence? A shame as it would help rid the football world of the hooligan tag if clubs got the supporters to behave and respect things like this.
  6. Dingleberries, the lot of them......
  7. You mean apart from the fact that niether of our teams - I'm a Hun - could win the Championship, never mind the Premier League? :roll:

    Celtic and Rangers have as much chance of moving to the English Premiership as I have of joining THEM.

    Want don't get, boys. It will never happen.
  8. Point of order, it's spelt "Taig".

    Although in fairness, I'm rather impressed a Weegie was able to operate a computer in the first place... 8O :wink:
  9. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Quite agree mate

    I think thats whay the clubs have stopped saying stick us in the championship and we'll get promoted - they wouldn't

    Scottish football is dire at the moment they will need to break away and go somewhere both teams are slowly dying a death
  10. I hate Boston.
  11. I am in the states but just got an email from a friend in Glasgow who is a diehard Celtics fan. He was at the game but was totally disgusted by the Celtics fans who chanted. He said not all Celtics fans were chanting. But then again he is intelligent enough to know of the terrible losses from Ireland (North and South) during WWI, especially at the Somme. One of his uncles was killed (WWII) before he was born while in the British Army and his dad served. He keeps me up to date on Celtics and Rangers and I let him know about the Boston Red Sox (forces of goodness and light) and the NY Y*nk**s (forces of darkness and evil, posible satanic influence). (put *'s in the name of the NY team as Arrse filters filthy words) .

    Here in the states we have sports rivalries but not to the same extent as the UK. A few, occasional fistfights between drunken yob fans but no riots, at least not on a regular basis.

    Last week some cousins from NY came up to visit and the entire family was civilized enough not to mention baseball until dessert and coffee arrived.

  12. Dream on, they are light years behind.
  13. Incidents like this poor shame on the SPL, BUT let us remember its a small minority of hard core individuals (don't deserve to be labeled fans) thats letting both sides down,

    I remember the the massive outcry on here a while back when something similar happened when individuals (not proper fans again) caused problems in Manchester for RFC,

    The football environment needs rid of these immature, low life hangers on as true football fans go to enjoy the match as there's enough scum in the world as it is!
  14. How about changing the title of this thread e.g inserting the words some or certain before Celtic fans?
    As a Celtic fan and serving soldier i work with many Celtic supporters who have nothing but disgust and contempt for these loons.
    By starting a thread with this title you are simply adding fuel to the fire :roll:
  15. I went to parochial school with several Boston Irish types. They'd have joined in the boos or sung or done whatever to be just as disrespectful to the Brits as these Celtic fans were.

    I always read Brits on ARRSE poo-pooing any Irish resentment of Britain as some sort of Plastic-paddy Boston Irish thing. Unless I'm mistaking the disrespect of British Veterans being shown here as something else things like this seem to show the resentment is a bit more deep-seated then often admitted.

    I take it you aren't a Duke or Carolina grad.