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Celle pictures

Top floor, room to the right of right hand tower (rabits room) catching Fozzy as he falls (nealy) out of window...Friday afternoon Sqn drinks, you got to love it!
devexwarrior said:
Not forgetting the look of glee as the PTI announces "Centre Stairwells" for PT.
[/b]YES I stupidly jumped a flight of stairs on one of those interesting PT lessons and ended up on crutches for about 3 weeks!!!!
Looks in better nick in 1915 than it ever did when i was there! ! Just recovering from a minor panic attack regarding the recollection of PT on the stairwells (AHHHH ME THIGHS!!) :x
Just found this site and registered and saw these pics was there 86-90 brings back fond memories!PT on the stairs,ORT. and the famous vampire, look forward to hearing more.
F'kin 'ell mate are you in for a treat!! This forum is choc full of 14 Sigs stuff and ex-members. Have a trawl through mate and welcome back. Knock yourself out!
Zulu and Yankee were the same Tp, just re-named for the move to Oz.

I was with the 2 Tps from 91 to 96 so does that mean i should know you Milkybar?
Yankee. Z didn't form until the late 80s and had a hard birth on account of W, X and Y Troops systematically raped their troop stores while they were being assembled by Uncle Bob.[/quote]

Yankee was disbanded in 1990 or there abouts and its operators shared amongst the other 3 troops.

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