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I am off to Celle, Germany obviously, on the 30th October for a second interview - American oil and gas company. They will fly me out there etc etc, tour of the facility followed by the interview itself I guess, though I don't have any details as yet. This will be a residential position. Having spoken to various people and done my research on the company I'm not worried about the work side of it all, but as it is many years since I have been to Germany does anyone have any tips on dealing with professional Germans, HR and purchasing types in particular? I plan to do a mini presentation, handout based, any thoughts on that? Spent a great deal of time on the Net looking for examples but they all seem a bit thin - has anyone got any solid versions that look punchy?

Also, looking around for accommodation - how does that work? It is a 12 month contract so I don't want to sign up for anything too long - I really only require a room but couldn't find anything that suggests that that is usual over there (I want to try and work out what my monthly in-country expenditure could be).

On the accomodation side of life, type in "Mietwohnung 1 Zimmer Celle" in any search engine to get a feel for what's available. Prices will vary pending on what side of town, distances, proximity to public transport etc.

Some agencies will display search results on a map so you get some help figuring out where to live. Try this as one example:

Try these:


This is a link for Celle Kreis (area). Don't get too hung up on how many rooms, it's mainly based on square metres and is broken down into cold (basic) rent and warm (like council tax) rent. Look for the word 'Nebenkosten', this is the 'warm' element and can be serious money. Usually and confusingly, it has nothing to do with the heating and electric bills.

Kaution (deposit) tends to be about 3 months rent and doesn't include the 1st month's rent. As a general rule, you have to do all the running around.

A word of warning when taking over the rental, tread carefully and note EVRYTHING that is wrong, needs fixing etc. Take photos with a digi camera and make sure the Vermieter (landlord) agrees with your stuff. If the property is in general disrepair or decor, get this noted as it will save you sh*t loads of hassle AND your Kaution when you move out.

Any q's let me know.
Thanks guys. Having been out of work for a while the cash is in short supply, for deposits and such like. Might have to get creative.
If you're not too picky, you can try a WG - "Wohngemeinschaft" - and probably get drinking buddies (or better, some of these are mixed/co-ed), this will significantly reduce costs. 'pends how social you feel at the end of a working day!
Hi Recce
Do you live Celle, I am trying to trace a friend of a friend, that may have settled in Celle. and wondered if you could help
Cheers Jerry

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