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BBC News - Celibate life: Readers share their stories

Over to you all... As to the last one there is a reason.
Some people just don't have any interest in sex, not because of repression or guilt, but simply because that's how we're wired. At 24, I'm one of them - I've never been ashamed of sex and will happily talk about anything from masturbation to kink and polyamory without embarrassment. However, I'm asexual - I'm not sexually attracted to anyone. While a minority of asexuals are fine having sex, the thought of having sex myself is mildly repulsive - in much the same way that my lesbian friends are repulsed by the thought of having sex with men. Forcing people to be celibate who aren't naturally inclined to be so is damaging and unhealthy - but insisting that everyone has to have sex to be psychologically healthy is also damaging to those of us who are far happier without it. I know a lot of asexuals who've forced themselves into sex they didn't want because they thought they were broken and abnormal. And when I start my teacher training course in September, I'm anxious that anyone discovering my sexuality will leap to erroneous conclusions based on the assumption that not having sex causes scandals like those seen in the Catholic Church. Helen, Manchester, UK
One or two of you probably recognize her voice from the "accidental" calls you make to those numbers you see on TV. :twisted:
Does that mean she won't flick her bean either...mildly confused on that point, but in general NFI.

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