Celebs that annoy you

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by safc1, Jan 26, 2012.

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  1. We all have a celeb that annoys the hell out of you.
    So it's time to find out who is the most annoying.
  2. Yawn.....
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  3. >insert name of any celeb<
  4. Please define "celebrity" Please do not use the Daily Mail definition.
  5. Any daft cunt who's on tv
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  6. Mary Whitehouse... now she's dead boring.
  7. One who really gets on my nerves is Alan Carr
    His voice :( so annoying

    So glad I dumped my ex
    No more chat shows "phew"
  8. When starting dull as fuck threads, you should really give your opinion on who annoys you. Just saying like.
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  9. Harriet Harman.

    She's a celebrity because I celebrate my hate for her whenever possible.
  10. I started it from tappy talkie apple shite
    When I got round to it I did :p
  11. People become celebrities and then they become a pain in the arse. Fact.

    A long time ago I used to help train TV Presenters some, but by no means all, went on to be relatively successful - indeed one of them shagged me because she needed a 'show reel' filmed

    Overall it was quite depressing, as time went on, watching as their heads gradually worked their way up their own butt holes .
  12. Christ the list is so long there just isn't enough internet to list them all.
    To be on TV in the first place you need to be a bit of a fucking twat, whether its to be nice to everyone or nasty to everyone same rule applies.

    But I think the people who annoy me most have to be the non celebrities who think they are celebrities like most of the cunts on these fucking reality shows.

    Not one of them has achieved anyhting remotely in the same league of awesomeness as most of you horrible lot, but they seem to think that having a go at "some cunt thinks he has talent" and failing miserably gives him the right to infect our lives with his fucking diseased carcass......whoa sorry....just seemed to come flooding out then.

    Yeah....all of them.
  13. C'mon, spill the beans. Who did you shag?
  14. I dislike this Celeb, dirty darky Man U fan

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  15. Are you responsible for Christine Bleakly (Frank Lampards wag)