Celebrity?? Whot the F*** are they?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by foodie, Jan 7, 2013.

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  1. Is anyone else getting increasingly annoyed with all these Celebrity shows? 99% of the time I have no idea who they are or what they are famous for! Most of them seem to be famous for having less talent than my morning shit and are some whiney cnut who over reacts to anything and everything!

    I despair when the Wife has the TV remote in her hands these days!
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  2. Celebrities, be they models, actors or footballers, are all attention seeking fuckwit premaddonas who I would not give any time to, especially watching them on the celebrity shows....apart from celebrity big brother because its fun to watch them argue...and some of the lasses wear very little.
  3. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    Oh the irony!
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  4. What's not to love watching desperate people put themselves through crap, physical pain and emotional termoil just so they can either revive their mortally wounded career or start one on the back of having a famous parent or they once sucked-off a premier footballer?

    I would beef it all up a bit though, and offer ritzy rich lifestyles as to whomever carves swastika's in their foreheads or self amputates a foot, in the most exciting and imaginative way. Currently, they're just not humiliated enough

    When they win, they'll inevitably end up on ITV4 or Sky2 in some crap show sucking up to the likes of Chris Moyles (the cunt) or Katie Price (the plastic minger), which on the face of it is all they deserve.
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  5. I wondered how long that would take!

    Surffice to say its the first day back at work and I'm bored shitless already!
  6. Just remember - without 'celebrity shows' we would never have been treated to the spectacle of Rebecca Loos wanking a pig.
  7. Pies it is.........
  8. I actually get made to watch CBB unless I leave the room as the other half loves it.

    It's normally a bit shit, to say the least but this year they are really stretching the credibility of the term 'Celebrity'.

    I had to ask who most of the knobbers on it actually were. There's some podgey American twat and his bimbo girlfriend, the ubiquitous 'glamour model', that odd-looking orange coloured nut sack off X-factor, an ex Eastender more famous for getting done for giving a BJ in a car, a fat, pie scoffing ex footballer, a woman off an 80s car advert....

    I mean come on, I bump into more famous people visiting my local Kwik Fit for a set of tyres!
  9. I'm going to watch Peter Andre - My Life on ITV2+1, just to spite you.

    Besides which, he's quite easy on the eye.
  10. Poor pig. Being taken advantage of that way.
  11. Yup, I've been sick of them for a long long time. Even on quiz shows joe public isn't good enough to appear on them anymore, everything has to be "Celebrity", featuring people who you wouldn't know unless you watch similar shite.
  12. And with that comment, any respect i had for you is gone!!
  13. Splash!, is the latest in a long line of lazy TV shows featuring wannabes and never have beens desperate to kick start/resurrect their respective careers. I personally didn't watch the show, but, judging by the slating it's received in the press and online today, it seems to have lowered the bar to a new level of utter drivel. By all accounts, it could only have been improved if they had removed the water from the pool before the "celebrities" attempted their dive.
    Thankfully, my missus hates these shows even more than me and therefore we never tune in and all is calm!
  14. Jeremy Kyle has finished.

    (I did actually watch a film on Yesterday about War Brides, but why let the truth stand in the way of a good story).
  15. .......meat and potato....with brown sauce.....