Celebrity Walts!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by dazzer, Jan 10, 2007.

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  1. Dr Gillian McKeith: Gained her doctorate online
    from an unaccredited academic insitute.

    Jeffery Archer: So many lies, so little time to expose them.

    Field Marshal Montgomery: Wore a RTR capbadge but was a
    Royal Warwickshire Regiment officer for most of his career.
    Somebody might educate me why this was the case though!

    Liam Gallagher: For telling the world that a load of Italian
    Mafia banjoed him and knokced his teeth out when the truth
    was that it was a German (a big lad though to be fair) computer
    programmer did it and sorted out his bodyguard as well.

    The England cricket team. Been walting away about their prowess
    for the past year until they boarded the Qantas 747 to Sydney.

    Peter Stringfellow... 'I have shagged 3000 women' fcuk off you
    mulleted headed walting cnut.

    When I thinkof some more... I'll post them!
  2. Possibly miles, but who is Dr Gillian McKeith.......??
  3. I met this cnut once; a bigger headed tw@t you could never find.

    Er..........shouldn't this thread be in, "If you absolutely had to fill in a mass grave"?
  4. tony blair world statesman bollocks!

    and the rest of his cabinet masquerading as socialists and competant politicians

    bob geldof charity campaigner nope self publicising cnut

    guy ritchie top cockernee geeza
  5. Yes, Guy Ritchie... good call... :D Forgot about him!
  6. Is Dr Gillian McKeith that pale faced pointy nosed gwah that looks at people's poo??!!
  7. yes pomps
    Sweaty sock with a poo fixation
    bet she gets lots of dates
  8. Dazzer wrote

    Montgomery was sometimes ungracious, but he was able to painstakingly articulate a vision for victory and couple with it a good sense for publicity (the use of his distinctive black beret with two badges, for example).

    Here in full :-

  9. I can't remember the exact details but I think Monty was on his way to address some troops and discovered he had forgotten his headdress. Instead of appearing bareheaded, he borrowed his driver's who was RTR. It was the realisation that it made him stand out from the crowd in the eyes of his men that made him carry it on even after he was reunited with his own titfer. He was also pictured wearing a digger's hat covered with loads of badges.

    Makes you wonder if the entire course of the war would have been altered if his driver had been ATS.
  10. The story I heard was that he was visitng an RTR Battalion (as they were then known) but couldn't get in the turret with his SD cap on. The RTR beret naturally fitted under the cupola, so he borrowed one and put his badge in it so that he would not be improperly dressed (he was a bit like Nelson in that respect).

    After that he made a habit of "borrowing" headdress from units he was visiting and sticking his badge alonside the one that usually lived there.
  11. From the Tank Museum Website:

    So there you go. Well done Big D.
  12. Dermot O'Leary. SAS: Are You Tough Enough? No, and neither are you, but at least I got out of the Landy a few times, you lady's front bottom.

    PS Don't look now, but the RTR Historical Society seem to have wandered in by mistake.
  13. Steve McFadden..that fat cockney pr1ck that used to be on deadenders. Hosts that show with all the hardman doing all the tests to see who's hardest. He struts around in a donkey jacket growling and grunting giving it the big I am.

    Would love to give the fat cnut a feckin beating with a baseball bat wi nails in. :x Hard my arrse, even his missus beat him up.
  14. Met 'im in a club in Neath once, He is a right short arrse, and an arrogant prrick too. Tried tappin up the bird I was with at the time, she told him to foxtrot. Unfortunately too many bouncers around him for me to administer some discipline, Did chuckle a week later when a bird he did pull was plastered all over the sundays saying he had a maggot willy.

    tiny nob soft puff, my 1 year old is bigger and harder.
  15. Idi Amin:


    'king' of the walts me thinks... :?