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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by pongo6863, Apr 23, 2010.

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  1. Last night on The One Show there was a report about the Ugandan Asian refugees being housed in Tonfanau, the old RA and Junior Leaders camp in North Wales.
    In it was a clip of Idi Amin in full military splendour - including a set of SAS wings. As I doubt the man had been one of THEM if have to assume he was Walting.
    Has anyone else noticed similar 'oddities' in military (and I use the word loosely) celebrities? :soldier:
  2. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    That Jimmy Saville bloke. There was a fecking great big picture of him at CTCRM Lympstone in the Galleyshowing him wearing a green lid. I never saw his time for the Tarzan Assault Course - walting fecker.

    I'll give you jingle-fecking-jangle......

  3. He did the course, in the days when Ted Kelland was a PTI there
  4. like this bloke - the Libyan President Col Ghaddafi?

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  5. I did my jumps course with Idi, back in the day when it was a real jumps course. He was badged. I remember one time, we were skinning a sheep near the top of The Fan, had to eat the meat cold cos we were on hard routine. I threw the guts and pipes away and Idi jumped up and said ''hey man, thems the best bits them is.''

    And proceeded to scoff the lot on his own. The image of his big white eyes bulging as he chomped on warm, wet liver will saty with me. I saw hard men retch that night. He was hard as nails.
  6. Jimmy was Awarded an honorary Commando Green Lid .


    Idi Amin just wore what he wanted and ate you if you didn't like it. :D

    Edited to add that there in an advert for a Royal Navy watch at the bottom of the page. How ironic.
  7. or Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe

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  8. or Sudan President Omar Hassan Ahmad al-Bashir

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  9. If you read the wiki link, under 'Honours', you will note that, next to 'Royal Marines' is a link that tells you about 'Weasel Words'.
  10. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    He was going to be second man on the balcony but they didn't reckon it would take the weight, so he was first through the scullery door
  11. Ross Kemp, the wobble headed t!t.

    I remember him promoting his Ultimate Farce program on GMTV, years ago.
    His figures, and meaning the ratio of US to THEM.

    Awaiting incoming from the mouthbreathing SUN readers for insulting St Ross.
  12. Thats what missing from these photos a lack of medals. :D

  13. That is amazing! Haha! :boogie:
  14. I thought Idi had reached the rank of RSM before he went, "fcuk it, I'm the man" and went for the top job. Anyway who needs wings when you can award yourself the VC?

    Jimmy of the dodgy reputation who fixed kids back in the 70's did alot of that "now then now then" shite with the Corps.
  15. Jimmy Saville was a Bevan Boy.